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A Longer, Deeper Trust

Lamba Saath, bharose ki baat, Exide

Human bonds blossom, grow, mature, strengthen and become unbreakable over the years. Days, months and years don’t just make us grow wise but also nurture long term associations. They bless us with valuable relationships. This video from Exide Life Insurance will inspire you to think deeply about the relationships in your life. Give it a thought and I am sure you will have memories about many people who have touched your life over the years. For me, the first thought was about Renu.





11 years is a big number. Yes, it is! During this period, I grew from a teenager to an adult. And she matured from an illiterate village girl to become a woman who could read, write and fend for herself.  I was only ten when she came to live with us. I still remember the gleam in her eyes when I told her that she could play with my toys. She was not very sure of her age but she claimed to be fifteen when she left her village in Kokrajhar Assam and came to Delhi in search of work. Initially she worked in a factory (who did not pay her for her labor), then she tried her luck at a shopkeeper’s house (who ill-treated her) and at last she landed up in our house. That was the time when my mother was not keeping well and we needed someone to live with us and help Mom with the house chores. Initially our relationship was purely based on need. My family needed a helper and she needed money but gradually it transformed into a trust based bond so beautiful that we do not even know what to call it. She just became a part of our family and proved it that some relationships are much above the defined boundaries of the world.



Renu cared for my family and me from day one. She was absolutely sweet and hardworking. We have seen many helpers and maids but none like her. She was immaculate with her work and always tried to do much more than was expected of her. I remember how she cried when she broke a flower vase. She never lied about her mistakes. We could trust her with anything. From learning the art of taking care of the house to keeping a tab on our likes and dislikes in the kitchen, she helped my mother in everything. Despite spending her entire life in a village, I really admired her keenness to understand the ways of city life. By the time she left, she had learnt to read and write too.



I am really glad that Renu came to live with my family. She not only loved me with all her heart but also treated me like a little sister. She inspired me to face life just as it comes. Her stories spoke of her hardships and yet she never forgot to smile while talking about them. She was a very sincere and hardworking person that we ever employed in our household. She absolutely knew when I wanted Maggi, coffee, fruits or anything else. When I went to hostel for further studies, I never felt that my parents were alone because I knew Renu was there to take care of them.



When she chose to go back to her village after living with us for over a decade, we knew we were in for a great loss. She, herself was not very happy about going back but her family needed her. At the same time, we knew we would never find anyone like her but we supported her. We truly appreciate her for being absolutely reliable and trustworthy. All these years we have been in constant touch with each other, she knows we are there for her whenever she needs help and we know that whenever she will return to Delhi, she will come back to us. Some relationships need no promises, no attachments, just selfless commitment over a span of time. This is what it means ‘Lamba saath, Bharose ki baat.’  We were extremely lucky to build trust with Renu over the years and now, going forward we know that it is a trust that will last a lifetime.


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