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My Green, Goan, chilled out monsoon vacation at Grand Mercure Goa Shrem Resort!

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Goa is among few places in India that the mere mention of it can uplift the mood of the non-travelers too.  What makes it so special? Too many things to be precise. Rather, many of its interesting facets are not even known to people who say they love Goa madly. With 100 medicinal springs, most ancient rocks, over 300 tanks, 200 species of fishes and significant geological features, it is one of the most liveliest place blessed with beautiful diversity and history.

Sea, sun and sand alone can never justify Goan beauty solely.

One of my favorite capture of Goa

Whats your holiday plan for Goa?

This year I have been super lucky with Goa. In my three visits I actually got to see it in a different light. I am sure you will agree too that as travelers we must try and live through every place differently. My last two visits to Goa were absolutely unlike each other. The two amazing ways were- one by exploring it like a hippie, moving non-stop, eating on paltry budget, finding out local places and hopping between beaches and old Portuguese houses and other was like a Queen’s vacation by putting up in a luxury holiday hogging on to the lavish buffets and retreating over yoga, spa, beach luncheon and adventure boat cruise. What’s better? Well, I would say it all depends on the kind of a traveler you are and the type of holiday that you have been itching to have.

Five Things to Do in Goa this season!

Exploring the Goan rivers Soaking in the rains Strolling in the lush greenery Lying in the pool of the 5 star property with friends and family- Grand Mercure Goa Shrem Resort it is! Sinfully Gorging on the local special- Goan Saraswati Thali of the hotel

Do you want a Vacation peppered with Luxury?

This time when I got a chance to spend 3 days in Grand Mercure Shrem Goa Resort, one of the Accor Group properties I too lived a mini vacation peppered with luxury. Interestingly, it was not just me. In the hotel, I interacted with a few families to know about their love for Goa. A common answer was ‘We love to come to Goa once in a year only to chill out and relax.’ When I further asked them about their plans for the trip, I learnt that in the 4-5 days of their trip, most of them only opted for 2 days of sightseeing. Rest, they had nothing on their agenda and only wanted to indulge in the luxuries of the property. Some talked about eating their heart out, some loved the yoga, some were enticed to go for the spa while others loved the ice candies served around the swimming pool all day.

Hearing their stories made me want to just laze around in the property too. I was in no rush to head out and see Goa. For sometime I just sat in the Jacuzzi, next to the swimming pool and even went to the thinking area to meditate with my thoughts. I loved doing it all. It was so much fun exploring every nook and corner of  the hotel and understanding the uniqueness and thought process behind everything.


I actually enjoyed exploring the property in and out! Next time when you are in a hotel of your choice, you must try it out too. For now, be with me!!



Grand Mercure Goa Shrem Resort

Pinto Waddo, Off Candolim Road – Candolim, Bardez


AT the entrance


The lobby!


Opposite to my room!


104 — Moi room!


This cute little library was well placed, very close to my room.


The Grand staircase that brings you down to the restaurants, swimming pool, spa arena, thinking  and yoga deck. Don’t worry there are lifts too!


Swimming pool amidst the greens ! In all the free time, I hopped around this area. 



How about some peaceful lying down away from everything?



The SPA appointment!


Exploring the Balinese connect of the Hotel!


Enjoying Ice Candies while floating in the pool!


Standing by the statues!


Appreciating the Art and the Green blend around!

Being a part of the yoga session. This was the best corner of the hotel facing the serene paddy fields and directly connecting with nature.

Apart from all of this, Food was always on my mind

On any holiday or vacation, its really very tough to stay away from Food. In Goa, its all the more difficult. In the night both Junho Bar and Festa were lit up cheerfully.

These lights got my eye!

The walls looked beautiful in the blue light!

The drinks can hold, let me click this first!



Junho Bar in the resort


Snacking time!


The best mutton I ate in ages! 


These macaroons from CHY became close to my heart!


Grand Mercure is a beautiful property.  Serenity of the location is overwhelming. No doubt, it makes a charming Indo-Portuguese destination. I was impressed with its elegant decor which captures the soul of Goa in its design and decor. There is activity room for the kids and the whole property is handicap friendly.  I found my room comfortable and the washroom all the more spacious. Not to forget my favorite part of the resort was the Balinese touch to the spa arena.

When I was back from the resort, my friends did ask me few questions. Let me answer them here!

Its far from the airport! Okay but that should not be the reason to stay away from it. No doubt, it isn’t built on a huge piece of land but it has a unique setup inside.  The beaches are not very close-by but Candolim can be reached on foot. La brise is just there! The swimming pool is not huge but one of the most vibrant and buzzing that I have seen.  In the morning, the breakfast time actually tells how packed up the restaurant is. There may be times when you will not get space inside but you can always take the plate to the area outside Festa or walk to Chy to catch up some Dilmah tea or macaroons.

P.S. I was invited to the property for a bloggers meet but the views are all mine. 


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