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My heart goes to Oslo again and again

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Vigeland Park I spent a lot of Norwegian Kronas shopping around in here

The memories are still fresh. I was seriously unhappy as I couldn’t be with my hubby on our first anniversary. He was far away in Norway, the beautiful one, the land of Midnight sun and I was in India.

The Norwegian Embassy had put my visa application on hold (even though I had had a Schenegan stamp before). I was mad at everyone but I continued to pray. The people at the embassy invited me face to face to know my story. From their side the reason of hold was that  I had no marriage registration certificate to prove that I was actually going to join my hubby there. Since I had all other details, I requested them on this part. A lady heard me attentively in the small room at the embassy. It seemed she wanted to help me.

But I was surprised when she also said, Oslo isn’t like Zurich, it isn’t a tourist place, why do you want to go for 25 days. Its too long a period.

I replied back, ‘I want to be with my husband and by the way the Google shows Oslo is amazingly beautiful.’ Let me go and see myself.

She smiled.  I waited with fingers crossed.

Next thing that I had read about Oslo was…. ‘Its drains your wallet.’  Expensive it is !!!!

After three days, the passport returned to me with the approved stamp. The lonely anniversary was done away with, good times were ahead. Very next day I was on the flight, flying to Oslo by Finnair. The stopover at Finland came to be familiar and easy going since it was my second time there in five months.

Thereafter, the next twenty five days I lived in a dreamland…It was close to meditation.

The glorious landscapes of the Oslo Fjord,  sprawling northern forests, architectural fantasies, unique Frogner Park, Museums, Scream painting and Holmenkollen amazed me thoroughly.

The Sunset I captured on the way to Holmenkollen Ski Jump Look at the temperature above


First of firsts, if you living in the heart of the city you just cannot miss 

Splendid Opera House  anchored at the city’s renewed waterfront. It looks beautiful right at the edge of the sea.

A walk up to the Royal Palace via the main street in Oslo Norway, called Karl Johans Gate. Downtown Oslo has everything around this street like discos, night clubs, bars, jazz clubs and cafés in between all the stores, shopping centres and hotels. We were lucky to see the glimpses of  Christmas decorations which started here in the last week of November itself.

Variety of dance, music events taking place around the market. There are lot of jazz groups and country singers to catch up to.

Piano–designed Astrup Fearnley Museum of Modern Art

Astrup Fearnley Museum

Aker brygge, where neat and wide footpaths spread straight hugging the Aker River. It is a popular meeting place for shopping, dining, and entertainment. 

On the opposite street is the Nobel Peace Prize Centre. Yes, the monument stands tall in the very peaceful and beautiful Oslo.

Also, here I must state the public transport movement and the weather predictions in Oslo were accurate to last place after decimal. After Zurich, this was the place where I loved the buses and the trains. They were neat and clean and spacious, ever inviting to hop in. Yes! they aren’t overcrowded like what we see in India.

Aker Brygge Karl Johan’s Street where I loved coming back each day

And soon when we started wandering around. The places that were great sight and din’t cost a a penny were as below. Thus, there is an affordable and inexpensive part to Oslo too.

Get a peek into the Norwegian art history at the National Gallery on the free days

A Sunday visit to some of the beautiful Museums is heartwarming.

Opera House dressed  in white from inside is a charming attraction for free until you plan to catch up a performance in there

The amazing neighborhood of Frogner which isn’t complete without the Frogner Park.

Change of guards at Royal Palace Park.

Every time you will love to get back to Akers Brygge and Karl Johans Street.

The Opera House

Since we were there in Oslo on the GuruParv Day, we located a Gurudwara too and went for the Langar.  We relished the tasty food and fruits as prasada.

Gurudwara in Oslo

If you are fond of coffee, do catch up some at Fuglen, which means “the Bird” in Norwegian. The chain is going international.

I am sure you know and if you don’t let me tell you Norway has vast oil wealth and fishing is another industry in which it thrives.

The unemployment rate is too low, its just 2 or 3 percent.
Oslo was also called “Tiger City”
Also, Oslo Airport has been named Europe’s most punctual airport consecutively many times despite extreme weather conditions.
I absolutely loved Oslo when it was being covered by layers of snow.
At the airport


Enjoy the pictures till I write a next blog post on the museums and my visit to the Holmenkollen.

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  1. pics are really too gud…..nice post for somebody who wants to visit Oslo and see the main attractions……

  2. Lovely post and pics! Its always a pleasure to read posts from a globe trotter like u! I loved the way you described ” I lived in a dreamland…It was close to meditation”

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