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Oslo: Magical and Charming Moods of the City

Before I was here, I only knew that Oslo is among the topmost costliest city of the world and it was not on my wish list. But now I say its not only about the NOKs (Norwegian Kronor) that you have to spend in here, there’s much more to it. No wonder it has taken my heart away, it is a beautiful and a charming city of Europe and I can say it after my visits to lovely places Sweden, Paris and Switzerland. They all are dreamers paradise and travelers destinations but this one is no less. It is gorgeous and beautiful!

I am in Oslo, Norway and its been more than a week now. It feels like a dream until I pinch myself. Everything feels so dreamy and I am enjoying every bit of being with my husband. 

Life@Oslo has been different

    • Living in a hotel apartment at (Lakkegata 52, Oslo) makes everything small and compact and also easy and manageable. I wonder why do we need big houses?
    • Its warm and cozy inside but I still love to step out in the freezing cold at 0 degree Celsius. (Winters have never been so Kool. )
    • I am living close to the central station opposite to KARL JOHANSGATE and it happens to be the busiest street of Oslo 🙂
    • Walking on the streets and hopping on trams, buses and trains is my favorite here. I adore the Public Transport System in Europe and I dread it in my own country.
  • Missing Indian food for sure but I am trying my best to experiment my culinary skills with Norwegian potatoes, onions and some packed food.

There is something mystical about Oslo… the Norway’s Capital City… It is small but great country.

Oslo is situated at the the end of one of Norway’s most beautiful Fjords.The city is surrounded by islands, hills and forests. The feeling of being close to nature is so intense here, the feeling is quite similar to that I had in Zurich. Apart from natural attractions, it has a large selection of museums,shopping, festivals,nightlife (though not much in winters) and entertainment.

My first tryst with snow forests happened in OSLO!

Oslo - The magical and charming city

Some facts :

    • Oslo is made up of two parts- ‘Os’ is believed to be a long and narrow hill or a Pre-Christian God. The second half ‘Lo’ signifies a field. The two put together mean ‘ the field below the hill’ or the ‘field of the Gods’.
    • It gained independence in 1905.
    • It is the only major city in Europe that offers great skiing right near the city center.
  • Oslo is the city of Nobel Peace Prize, Edward Munich’s great works at the National Gallery, and it owns the magnificent Opera House and the Holmenkollen Ski Jump- one of the first designer ski jumps.
  • The city is definitely quite expensive.  😉

Lets Talk about the Local Flavor

  • Its got loads of fashion, clothes and designer stuff. I have noticed it while walking through the two shopping malls Oslo city Center and Guneriu and also while exploring the city. People wear the woolen stuff with oomph. There are warm scarfs, caps , neck-ties, sweaters and coats to shop in here since its winter time already. HM is a Swedish brand and it looks like an affordable shopping destination.Go for it!! I plan too  🙂
  • Its offers a lot for taste-buds.  While strolling through the Karl Johans Street, I could see it boast of great selection of restaurants, cafes,bars and clubs. There are eateries from all corners of the world. Can see a lot of Burger Kings and Peppes Pizza around. In fact I  was happy to locate some Indian restaurants as well.
  • Norway is known for fish and seafood. Fishing is the second most profitable industry here. 🙂
  • Locals are busy on their expensive phones in the buses and trains. People generally speak Norwegian and haven’t heard much of English around. Even the places to visit do not have any information about them in English.   🙁
  • Sunday is a holiday and Its a family day completely! You live your life and not just work and earn, that means everything is closed, the shops, malls and the groceries except a few obviously the 24 hours kiosks being exceptional. Few of the museums have free entries on Sundays and I could really feel the rhythm of the city on the roads. Still there was no crowd in the trains or buses or trams.
  • I just love to stroll here. Its got extensive road system. The roads are clean, grounded and minus the potholes. What I love most is people know what a Zebra crossing means. The zooming cars wait for the pedestrians to cross, they smile and then they make their way. Haven’t heard or seen anyone honking as well. I was not surprised to see it again since I had seen it earlier also during my first stint in Europe. Its just that it needs a mention every time because we lack it so much in our country.
  • Christmas Trees and Decorations have already begun and are gorgeous.

Read more about my trip to Opera House, Vigeland Park and Holmenkollen in the post Amazing Weekend in the city of Oslo.

6 thoughts on “Oslo: Magical and Charming Moods of the City

  1. Looking forward to more posts about Oslo. I love that the public transport system is so efficient and you can move around freely on your own, without having to drive.

  2. @Nish– Thanx for being here…U r welcome to read the other post on Oslo… I plan to update more…
    Yeah the public transport is amazing here.. absolutely hassle-free.

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  4. You’re going to have a great time there in Oslo and I am going to enjoy seeing the city through your posts. Take care. 🙂

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