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Photoblog: Autumn in Brussels is gorgeous

Cinquantenaire park of Brussels


My friends Mini and Tushar have been living in Brussels for a couple of months now. They have been enjoying and exploring the city well and I can say that because I regularly follow their updates on Facebook and Instagram. And it is through them that I know that this cultural destination is the city of gorgeous landscapes and beautiful boulevards. Rich history and amazing architecture makes Brussels no less a sibling of Paris. And it is looking super gorgeous at this time of the year even though I am in India. Yes, I must tell you that Autumn is casting a magical spell in that piece of the land. Never before this, I have ever wanted to be there so desperately. You must check the pictures below to know why. 


Parc du Cinquantenaire, Changing leaves, Brusells, Belgium


Here are some pictures taken in Kraainem and Cinquantenaire park of Brussels.

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Mini, Brussels, Autumn, Europe,Capital


Mini talks about her first Autumn in brussels or Onze eerste herfst in Brussel (in dutch)


Yes, the last few weeks have been nothing less than beautiful. The leaves are changing their colors and spreading love on the roads. Summers are over and autumn in Brusells is gorgeous. You can’t be here without noticing the changing colors of the trees.  It is getting colder and darker; leaves are falling from the trees. There is a chill in the air overnight, frost on the ground in the morning. Dry, dead leaves crunch beneath your feet and clouds appear when you breathe out. Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower. It is the year’s last, loveliest smile.  I am loving the unexpected warm days, colors of the season, the fall, beauty all around. Love is in the air and I am reminded of the famous Bollywood movie Mohabbatein. If you have watched it, you would know what I am talking about.


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Brussels is called the capital of Europe


Now that my friends have actually made me curious around Brussels, I must tell you why we must all visit it some day.

Belgium is the political as well as geographical center of Europe and Brussels is its capital. It is also called Capital of Europe.

Three languages are spoken here officially- French, Dutch and German.

Belgian food is famous. One should not miss the chocolates, chips, beer, sprouts  and the waffles here.

If you love soccer, you got to be at the King Baudouin Stadium.

Grand Palace is must see because it is the most beautiful square in Europe.

Saxophone was invented here and thus Music is part and parcel of Belgian life. Adolphe Sax invented it.

National dish of Belgium is Mussels or moules.

Do check the statue of a small boy who is pissing. It is famous as Manneken Pis.

Cinquantenaire is a huge and beautiful park where most of the pictures are shot by Tushar.

Herge (George Remi) is the famous one from Belgium and he authored Tintin.

The month long Christmas market in Brussels is lovely.

Antwerp and Brugge are some more beautiful places to be visited in Belgium.

Variety of festivals take place around the year in this part of Europe.




Summers, EAT festival, Brussels


Cinquantenaire Park, Jubel Park in Dutch


The inhibitions are gone!

Our generation totally thrives on the idea of traveling and exploring the new. We love to experiment and savor new flavors.  A decade ago, when it was difficult to keep in touch with people far away, its a new world now. With the help of social media we can virtually travel with our friends and family members far and near. We can see the change of season, celebrate festivals and learn quite much about other parts of the world even without traveling there in real. Sharing travel stories is one way through which I want to take it a step forward. Bloggers tend to invite other bloggers to write on their blogs but I am looking forward to those who do not have a blog, who do not write regularly.  A number of my friends live outside India and I constantly urge them to write and share their travel stories on my blog. I am glad some of them are convinced now. Keep watching for more stories from around the world.


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My shoes in Brussels


Do you have a story too? Have you traveled to Belgium? Let me know!

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  1. Nice post 🙂 very wel covered !!! lovd the pics… i stay half an hour from Belgium border 🙂 i have visited all the places u mentioned in the post..and tried out the mussels too..was yum :)will share my pics sometime 🙂

  2. Wonderfully described Manjulika 🙂 Thanks for converting these pics and small description in this beautiful writeup.. 🙂

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