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‘Samvaad Tribal Conclave’ – Conversations Are Important!

Tribal celebration

We are celebrating the tribal ethos of nearly 40 tribes representing 20 states across India.


I did not know that something like this has been happening for three years now until I read a small piece of news around ‘Samvaad’. It immediately caught my interest and I was keen to know more about the ‘Tribal Conclave Samvaad 2016.’


Samvaad means ‘conversation’ and just as the name suggests, this one is a  pan-India tribal conclave where ideations and discussions take place around tribal culture, its heritage, survival strategies and its convergence with the modern and mainstream culture making it an ideal platform for the tribal population to present their views and exchange ideas. Nevertheless, it is a gala ceremony which witnesses participation from tribal groups all over the country. The third edition is seeing 1500 tribal artists congregate at Jamshedpur. The theme for this year is ‘Tribal Health Systems’.


Tribal celebrations at Samvaad


Raathwa tribe of Gujarat



I must congratulate Tata Steel for this progressive endeavor. From the remotest parts of our country, unheard voices of the tribal communities are invited to talk about important issues and challenges.  With group discussions, there comes a change – in thought as well as in action. The aim is not only to preserve the custom, culture and the tribal tradition but also touch upon the intangible aspects of our society. Our country has a huge tribal population and it is very important that we work towards its preservation and propagation. This event is definitely a winner in itself because it is not only a celebration of talent of tribal communities but also because it enables dialogue around their matters of concern and importance.


An opening symphony of 151 nagaras, by groups of Santhal, Ho and Munda tribesmen (Jharkhand and Odisha), was the highlight of Samvaad 2016 that commenced on 15th November at Jamshedpur.  During the other important sessions, there will be important panel discussions around tribal medicinal system, age old medicines, modern healing and other modern health care services. On the 19th November, the most awaited event is the tribal fashion show.  Also for the first, there will be a live performance of tribal live music.  Overall, it is a five day conclave.



Samvaad Tribal Conclave 2016
Beat of 151- Nagaras -Samvaad Tribal Conclave 2016



Konyak Tribe
Konyak Tribe of Nagaland



It is very heartening to learn about this one of its kinds and rare conclave where Tata Steel has thought to capture voices of tribal communities, their problems, and strategies to counter them. If given a chance, I would have loved to attend it. There is hardly much that we know about the tribal community. They are unique, they are different but we must remember they are very much like us and we must all make efforts to safeguard our legacy.



Did You Know? 

Warli prints and paintings, which have a huge market in urban centres, are generally not used on any kind of footwear as this is an auspicious art form of the Warli tribe of Maharashtra.



Samvaad Tribal Conclave
Some facts about Samvaad Tribal Conclave by Tata Steel


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  1. I am studying tribal ethos,my search led me to your web,and that made me anxious after going through the `Tribal Conclave Samvaad` literature.Basically I am sociologist,research scholar,retired senior officer,associated with tribal development for last forty years.I have done lot of field, works, studying on various issues related to tribals of Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh. My monograph on Pahari Korwa,one of the primitive tribes of Chhattisgarh and several research papers have been published.Besides,other publications are also there.

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