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Small and large footsteps towards Melbourne…

                                        Contest Topic: Its your time to visit Melbourne now!

                                  Putting it optimistically, Its my time to visit Melbourne Now!


Another interesting contest at Indiblogger and my eyes gleamed. They had a further twinkle in them when they read two winners were to get a guaranteed trip to Melbourne. Obviously, every Blogger would be excited as it was too good an opportunity to grab. My heart and mind were equally excited and both acted in unison prompting me to go for it. But the mention of Melbourne brought back memories of disappointment.My sentiments had been attached to the place and the desire to be there in person had been high. I had wished to experience the magnanimosity of one of the most happening places in the world but had been denied the chance unluckily.  But here it was, God had blessed me with another chance, and I heard a voice within me saying— Child, it’s your time to visit Melbourne NOW!

I decided to come up with my best and began with my Google searches with a new fervour.    🙂 😉

My Short Story- A few months back me and my colleague were working on the same project.For the first half of the project we had to deliver from India but later the client wanted one of us to travel onsite…. It was to Melbourne. Who wouldn’t want to go. We both contained our excitements and hid feelings from each other but each knew how the other felt. I worked on my part and made preparations and she did her own. Since it was to be my first international trip, I tried to collect every bit of information about the place and kept putting it down in my journal. Some how I got emotionally attached to the place. Not divulging much of the details let me reveal, it was she who went for the assignment and I had to stay back. I was disappointed but that was the way it was. But before she was to fly I made sure I gave her a gift.

She was truly happy when I handed over my journal to her. It had smallest of information to help her. I also told her to add photographs of some of the mentioned places on the other side of their description. She is still in Melbourne so I am yet to get my completed journal but the experience of putting it up was enjoyable and learning. Wish I could join her there. At present I only have Google images to compliment my travel destinations    😉

Its my time to visit Melbourne Now!

Melbourne has been voted as the world’s one of the most liveable city. Its the state capital of Victoria. Its a young city and very well planned. It boasts of dazzling and diverse culture. The lovely experiences that I wish to bring back from Melbourne are:

1) WALK ALONG THE GREAT OCEAN ROAD  The Great Ocean Road is an Australian National Heritage listed 243-kilometre which covers south west Victoria. The highlight of this world famous coastal drive is the 12 Apostles. It is world’s most scenic roads and definitely calls for a long drive alongside.

2) CAPTURE the beautiful sunset at ST.KILDA BEACH in my eyes and lenses both

It is one of the most popular and scenic beaches in Melbourne. On Sunday St Kilda hosts an art and craft market along the Esplanade. It is one of the most fashionable suburbs and is located on one of the more picturesque points of the bay. It has a sandy beach and is a place to kick off your heels. Definitely a Mecca for tourists and I am looking forward to playing in the sand and the water.

3) CAKE CRAWL: The ACLAND STREET for the best pastries and sweets in Australia

There’s so much for my sweet tooth. Its a haven for people like me who are cake addict and I just can’t miss indulging into different types of confectioneries and savouring their flavours for years to come.

4) Cricket or a Footy (AFL) match at the MELBOURNE CRICKET GROUND 

Melbourne makes a great place for sport lovers.Australians love the footy, they say soccer is for girls. As an Indian I too have similar sentiments for cricket. Would love to catch a cricket match no doubt, but otherwise would definitely explore the ground and capture memories in my heart forever. Would explore its full length history and bring along the sporty feeling of competition, teamwork and enjoyment. One gets a feel by being there.

5) Jump over A GAME OF LOVE and all ears for SOME GREAT MUSIC

The Rod Laver arena for a Tennis match or a Music concert. I wish to catch up Australian open championship matches sitting  and cheering in the arena and definitely not miss the Eric Clapton Music concert.

6) The Albert park Lake

It has lot to offer and I am not going to miss any of the experiences, right from going for a walk at the jogging track near the lake, boat ride to the picnic garden and the best of all the Grand prix circuit!!!

Is the Melbourne’s round of the Formula 1 Grand Prix series around? Anyone hearing?

7) Treasure the cultural life at Royal Botanical gardens

Explore the amazingly diverse collection of thousand of botanical species. I want to bring along the pleasant memories of a moonlight cinema experience in summer. One can visit there anytime, but this is an additional feature in summer.


Definitely won’s miss this one on a Sunday drive for some happy sightseeing and capturing pics.The majority of the Dandenongs is temperate rainforest. Its kind of dark and closed-in.

I wish to see canopied forest which has soaring straight tall timbers and is carpeted in moss. Why miss its inhabitants— the giant tree ferns, trickling brooks, lyrebirds, wombats, koalas?

9) Ride on the Grandeur PUFFING BILLY

Anyone’s Melbourne trip cannot be complete without having an enjoyable ride on this century old steam locomotive. The idea itself is so lovely and inviting- a ride through the beautiful scenic and quaint towns tracking it all on a train.

10) Exploring the Graffiti Culture of Melbourne Lane-ways

Melbourne lane-ways are beautiful and unique. They depict art, culture and the country’s lifestyle. It has a cultural value and the art speaks more than just pictures and colours. I wish I could myself do some graffiti making on the lanes and have some real good fun. I love this form of art- STREET ART alias GRAFFITI CULTURE.

11) Melbourne CBD for shopping and dining experience

FOOD and WINE speak the best about any place and make one hold memories for long.There are various international food and wine festivals held here throughout the year and I am not going be back without exploring one of its kinds. CBD-Central Business District,is the city centre and it has number of places to indulge into.

12) Indulgence @Crown Casino

Some grooving and Masti time here.

13) Melbourne’s Docklands Sunday Market

Melbourne is a great place for shoppers. And this Docklands Sunday market has got anything to everything. Shop till you drop from 10 am to 5 pm. Wish to buy for myself and bring some gifts for my family and friends.

14) Collins Street— I wish to go to the  47th Floor of Sofitel and click some amazing pictures.Its Melbourne’s best known streets.

15) Port Melbourne, Golden Sunset

As the name says it all…. A sunset thats gonna be worth it all. I wish to capture the mesmerising and breath taking view of the sun going deep into the waters of the Port Melbourne. Time for some great photography, can’t miss the chance.

Last but not the least experiences at the Tullamarine Airport.


And even if I don’t win this time, its been really very enjoyable to find about so much about a place before visiting it. In fact I have learnt quite a lot about the place and would definitely love to be there some day.

Images Source: Google Images

9 thoughts on “Small and large footsteps towards Melbourne…

  1. Looks like you had a great time down here in Melbourne. Watching grand prix melbourne is one of my favorite things about The Albert park Lake apart from going for a relaxing walk around the lake.

  2. You had a great trip in Melbourne, The destinations you show in your pictures, all are famous, but I heard many times for golden sunset and casino place.

    1. Hey Jordan, I am yet to visit Melbourne but I am happy that the post made you feel that I have already been to the place… its been through Google..

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