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What Adventure Means To You?

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Well, ADVENTURE may have several interpretations but the first thing that came in my mind is well said through my picture above. Adventure means opening the closed doors, turning the new pages and picking on new experiences! If you think it only means achieving the unconquered, exploring new territories or overcoming hardships, I may choose to differ. To me it means living my life as it comes everyday. I may not have crossed mountains, vast forests, great oceans but yet I have had my share of adventures. I may have no record-breaking numbers to back me up nor big achievements to quote but I bet writing this piece of article is also an adventure. It is about doing things differently. It is about expressing my thoughts. It is about dreaming and doing everything it takes to achieve what I want.


What springs in your mind when I mention adventure? Here is my list of everything that gives me an adrenaline rush. 


  • Doing small and big things that falls in the club of ‘AMAZING’.
  • Spending significant time doing things that I LOVE indulging into.
  • BLOGGING about my beautiful experiences.
  • Doing everything that I want and NOTHING that I don’t want.
  • PUSHING my boundaries to make a success story.
  • Being MYSELF in the days when its not easy to be.
  • Getting swayed with DISTRACTIONS and yet not giving in to them.
  • COPING up with the losses and the pain.
  • Handling many many NERVOUS moments.
  • Always FINDING a way to steer-through at the failure of a perfect plan.
  • Juggling with CONFLICTING ideas every now and then.
  • BELIEVING in myself when everyone else has been questioning whether I am doing the right.
  • Finding my own sweet WAY of doing things that I may not be comfortable with.
  • PLAYING along with several responsibilities.
  • Maintaining peace inside when its all CHAOTIC outside.
  • Not giving up on my dream of living a life of a FREE-BIRD.
  • Keeping an EXCITING news waiting on my lips.
  • DODGING the surprises and challenges as they come.
  • Traveling with a new perspective and learning with every new TRAVEL experience.
  • CONQUERING my own fears step by step.
  • Deciding to stay on tasks despite of all CHALLENGES.
  • LEARNING something new every day.


Here is more to the ADVENTURE story. Check this video below.




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3 thoughts on “What Adventure Means To You?

  1. Adventures will mean so much for you if you want to see the best out of yourself. This will make you know more about yourself. Adventures will also make you enjoy more of this world.

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