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Chapter 12: Duplicity

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After hearing the tale of Maya’s disappearance and then her brutal murder, Tara was done with her distrust for Cyrus. Jennifer had answered it all for her and now she felt guilty for being too harsh with Cyrus since his arrival.  At the end of the conversation, she had felt most of it was sorted, even the look on Shekhar’s face said that he was all satisfied. Cyrus looked smug with a sign of relief on his face. No doubt Jennifer’s story did make sense and when she remembered that Shailesh was an eye witness, she gave up her worrying thoughts.

It was all peaceful in the house and Tara happily walked in her kitchen. She began to chop some vegetable just then it flashed to her—

Was a stranger’s call enough to snub off the anxieties related to Roohi’s safety in presence of Cyrus?

 Just then Shekhar walked in and handed over the phone. It was Roohi on the other side. She was sounding all happy and chirpy which meant the stay at her friend’s place was turning out enjoyable. In all the fun, she did not miss asking about her Cyrus uncle and Tara for a change answered it to her satisfaction.

Everyone is doing good my baby, you make the most of your night out, have fun and I will come to pick you tomorrow…. said Tara before conveying the customary goodnight, sweet-dreams, take-care and bye.

After retiring to their bedroom, Shekhar and Tara discussed about Maya and expressed both sadness and shock.

Life is just so unpredictable. One never knows whats in store for us. I wonder if Maya ever thought that going for a boy would cost her life.expressed Tara

I know!!! And I fear the cruel world too.

What makes people so violent that they fear not in taking someone’s life thats so precious? … added Shekhar

Lets forget it all Shekhar and pray to God to keep us all together and happy. We have to be careful about Roohi and her friends always even when she grows up… the God fearing and doting mother in Tara said before dozing off to sleep.

Next day, it all went well.  Cyrus felt wanted in the house because Tara asked him for a second helping of sandwich during the breakfast. They all returned to their daily routines and when Roohi returned she brought back giggles and chirpiness in the house.


It had been a week now since Cyrus had been spared of Tara’s questioning eyes. Shekhar  too was happy that no complains had come so far. Roohi was happy in the new found friendship with Cyrus. But following week his early morning absence and uninformed disappearance from the house added to Tara’s curiousity. She felt a little uncomfortable and confided in Shekhar…

How does Cyrus manage his frequent travels? Delhi to Mumbai fares aren’t so affordable darling. I wonder how does a law student take care of his expenses.  Remember Shailesh telling us that his father had passed away last year in an accident and now his mother was looking up to her only son.

Tara, my sunshine, why do you bother?

Don’t hold your thoughts any more. Next time when he is back, just confront him and ask.

I am sure he will have a answer that will satisfy us. To me he seems to be sensible and responsible. What do you say? …. Shekhar sounded like his usual self while Tara liked the idea of getting an answer to it from Cyrus himself.



It was a casual Sunday when the family was enjoying the lunch. It was the day when Shekhar had chosen to prepare some olive spaghetti and fruit dessert on Roohi’s insistence. While Shekhar was giving the finishing touch to the serving platters, Tara and Cyrus sat talking.  (Cyrus had returned after five days this time)

Cyrus, how’s your friend Jennifer doing? Any progress on Maya’s case?

He was quick to put in… Yes Bhabhi, Jennifer is doing good. She is still not out of her best friend’s death shock. The case has headed no where and that is making her unhappy all the more.

Tara could make out in his voice that he had immense affection and concern for Jennifer

Before Cyrus could dig in his pasta, Tara was quick to ask more.

How do you earn your pocket-money? Please don’t take offense but I was wondering how do you manage to travel so much? Does your work take you there or something else?

Cyrus was surprised at all. He explained it to Tara about the financial problems.

He got an excellent paid opportunity to freelance with a detective in Mumbai. He was enjoying it and that was where his true calling was.

He also added that he had managed to convince his principal that he might have to miss a lot many classes and he really needed money to take care of his family.

Tara and Shekhar heard him with eager attention.

And after they had heard him well, both of them had more admiration for him now and Roohi,though could make out nothing looked more affectionately towards her Cyrus Uncle.

The lunch was delicious and they all devoured it lovingly. Tara felt guilty for doubting Cyrus every now and then and later she felt so good too.

She was sure many more happy luncheons lay ahead them.Cyrus was family now.


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  1. Loved your narration. But most importantly, I could not take my eyes off so many award you have listed here! Wow, it’s awesome! You are a champion!!!

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