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A Wish-ful Road Trip of a Solo Lady Traveler



The trip, my road trip!

I wonder what would make it perfect?

The company, comfort, cherish able moments or fun.

Picturesque beauty, charm, adventure everything descends in the run.


First thought transcends me to open space under the blue sky,

My soul and heart leap to wander while imaginations fly.

  I wish to lap up the view of cotton-fields, emerald-green lakes and red tree,

Peppered with good food and sojourn, I wanna feel free!


I want to travel not to go anywhere, but to go,

The idea itself makes me gung-ho.

Packing the essentials, I vroom off for the travel,

Letting my wish-ful trip breathe and unravel.

Air, sleep, dream, sea, sky and the road,

And its only me and my chauffeur on board.

The strong, spacious, technology driven Caravan I have,

Its interiors, amazing freshness inside compel everyone to rave.

The pleasant weather takes my heart away,

The highways are unending and offer a smooth way.

I move when I wish, I stop when I want,

 Its absolutely wonderful to be away from my rambling and the rant.

Taking in stride the changing cultural nuances and cuisine.

I stop for experiences invigorating and exciting.

There is full volume music with the food and supply.

But I am aware of the rules of the road, one must apply.

My road trip takes me to far-off places and makes me meet new people,

It inspires to learn, explore, experience, stretch limits in double.

There is spoonful of learning  and mouthful of enjoyment,

On the road, there is not a single dull moment!

The spark of newness goes on with doses of absolute fun,

I live a life like never before, watching the rising and the setting sun.

All around its beautiful and mesmerizing,

After watching life closely, the road trip brings a change in me that is deep and rising.

There is an urge to go fast,

But speed and recklessness should be cornered last.

500 miles, 20 hours, 40 minute,

I cover on road before I reach my home sweet home to muse about it .

Through my wish-ful trip, I want to see another wish come true and that is our country should become safe for females. Today, a woman cannot even think of planning a road trip with an unknown chauffeur because its difficult to trust one. The number of mis-happenings and incidents have led to fears which have seeped deep in out heart and soul. I so want to take up a road journey all alone but I confess I am scared. I feel insecure of the ogling eyes, the molesters and worst of all the rapists. As a traveler, I cannot do what I wish to in my own country.

My road trip cannot be called perfect until the journey is safe and secure for me as a solo woman traveler to rejoice and extract all the fun. Wish I take the perfect ride soon some day.

This is my entry for ‘The Perfect Road Trip’ contest, hosted by IndiBlogger in association with Ambi Pur

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18 thoughts on “A Wish-ful Road Trip of a Solo Lady Traveler

    1. Thank You Passey Sir, I did so because when I thought about taking a solo trip, I just couldn’t think about it… And sometimes one does want to go out all by oneself…

  1. “There is spoonful of learning and mouthful of enjoyment, On the road, there is not a single dull moment!” – Wonderful expression. 🙂 Good luck!

  2. Interesting and a unique take Manjulika.. Liked the clear way of describing ur road trip 🙂
    good lck

  3. That’s a fun read. A chauffeur driven car and you enjoying the places is a perfect combination. I really like the verse where you talked about caravan and music/food.

    Good luck Manjulika 🙂

    1. Learning to verse and add some poetic appeal to my blog posts from great bloggers like you…
      🙂 Thanks for being here again..

  4. A wishful trip which I hope you see come true some time soon:)Best of luck Manjulika for the contest!

    1. Thank you Sir… but I am not sure it can come true soon… taking a ride all alone with a chauffeur is scary in India…

  5. ‘There is full volume music with the food and supply.
    But I am aware of the rules of the road, one must apply’

    Loved your realistic take on travel Manjulika! Best of luck for the contest! 🙂

    1. Thanx Ragini for being here and appreciating my piece of work..
      Yeah I wanted to cover the realistic aspect of the road ride too…

  6. We all have this same concern amidst such rapid mishaps.
    Enjoyed the poem very much! Good luck! 🙂

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