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Not Just an Ordinary Phone but the one with a Healing Camera.


The child on the road was in pain,

She cried,

Her mother was poor to pay for medicines,

I went near her and attracted the baby to my jazzy phone,

The child’s eyes gleamed,

I clicked a picture of her in my phone,

The people around thought I was nuts,

The magical power took its course,

In few minutes,  the child was all happy and healed.

Yes! My phone had a Super Power.

It could check for hidden illness,

And it had a healing camera too.

There is abundance of illness around us. The realization is always there but we are all so stuck up in our everyday mundane lives that we hardly stop to notice until a close one undergoes a suffering. How I wish there was no illness or I had a magical wand to absorb all pains!

Last week our family spent endless hours in hospital. It wasn’t me but my niece who was hospitalized for 7 days. Our ten months old, bundle of joy had suddenly taken ill and was admitted in PICU (pediatric intensive care unit).  It was really tough to see her go through the harsh medications. We all felt helpless and her parents were inconsolable. But now thanks to the doctor that she is back home hale and hearty however, the scary memories of the hospital are not gone from my mind. And my wish for a super-power has become more strong and dire.

Babies are so special. Our little one too is a beautiful sweetheart and we all love to hear her chuckling all day. But in the hospital she lay pale and exhausted under the impact of bacterial infection. Her smiles and laughter were gone. She was in great pain however we couldn’t do anything and the medication took its own sweet course to heal up the child. For the initial three days, her condition was not under control. We cried, we would look at her pictures and videos in the phone to console ourselves that things were fine and would soon be better. It was tough! That was the moment when the idea struck me wish the phone holding the picture could heal up the baby too and make her sit cheerfully upright. And that would be named, The Doctor Phone.

In all the time that I stayed at the hospital (outside PICU), it pained me to see the sufferings of others around me too. It was saddening to see the young babies cry in pain who couldn’t even talk anything.  I still feel nauseated at the thought of injections and smells of medicines used to treat the little ones. Even when I fall ill, pain, medicines, the long list of tests irk me and the sufferings get on my nerves. And I shudder at the thought of the poor who can’t even avail proper medication for themselves, for their children. I have always wished if I had healing wand, I would shoo away illness and make everyone happy. I want a SUPER POWER of HEALING the ILL!!!

Time and again, we have heard this that with great power comes great responsibility. Thus I want a positive power that could be used for all.  If my phone had a superpower, I would want a special healing camera that would  absorb all pains and illness of anyone whose photo would be clicked using it. It started with a walkie talkie and now mobile phones in combination with super applications have made tremendous things possible. The Incredible is here. I am sure one day A Doctor Phone would be created too which would be able to see the hidden illness and make people free of it by healing them magically.

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