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Safety Letter for my Friends

Hi Friends,

Does this thought ever irk you that why women are always dependent on their father, brother, friends, husband, male colleagues to guarantee them safety?  I always claim that I am self sufficient but the fact is I cannot brave my movements alone in the night in my own city. To be honest, I feel scared to travel alone in Delhi. Its not that someone is ready to pounce on me the moment I step out of the house but there is a lurking fear and it has built in gradually with personal experiences and happenings. Do you feel the same?

Street sexual harassment, eve-teasing, molestation, stalking, lewd comments have become a part of our life where we have no choice at all. The atrociously disgusting crime like December 16 in Delhi has shocked and shamed us completely but that was just the one that got reported, otherwise most rapes do not get reported at all.  Miserable it is!!! The need of the hour is that this ISSUE should be dealt strictly and it demands mass awareness, preparedness and strict judiciary.  I am sure you think the same…

Some incidents cannot be averted because of heinous criminals and their deadly intentions but 3Ps Preparedness, Precaution and Prevention are key to safety.  There have been numerous situations when women folks have acted smartly and saved their lives. My letter so far may sound scary but the aim is to  prepare women from seemingly unlikely situations. It’s always good to be prepared in case you are ever in one of those situations. Lets exchange advises and tips for safety and Smart Suraksha.  Knowledge is Power!!!


Stepping Out….

1. Anyone who steps out of the house, PG, hostel, hotel must ensure to keep friends and family INFORMED. One may not be in the same city but WHEREABOUTS must be known to trustworthy people. Specially young ones should not lie and misguide their parents and guardians. Preferably, move in groups. If you board a cab late night, call or sms one of your family members or friends and tell them the registration number of the vehicle.

On The Road…

2. On the road, in the bus, cab or while using any kind of public transport, be careful and not clumsy. Do not ignore eve teasing of any kinds, just get off the vehicle. Refrain from being HOOKED ON PHONE. My Mum always says one must always be alert and keep EYES and EARS open.  REACT and ACT quick and if the place looks suspicious just leave it as soon as possible.  Don’t board empty public transports, CROWDED ones are better any day. Avoid lonely routes.

Be Cautious In and Around Vehicles

3. While DRIVING on your own, wear a helmet on two wheeler always and keep the glass windows closed when in car. Do not get into roadside scuffles of any kinds. Vehicle parking should not be done at desolate places. Also once you return to your car in the parking, ensure that there is no one suspicious around you. Check there is no one hiding in the back seat. Don’t give lift to anyone if you are driving alone. WORKING WOMEN must not share any details with cab drivers and must ensure security guards travel with them after seven.

Trust your intuition and sixth Sense

4. Women have a STRONG SIXTH SENSE. If something seems fishy, just walk out of the situation SMARTLY. If alone, look around, judge your surroundings well and then mix up with people. In parties, ensure to make your own drinks. Don’t agree to be dropped by an UNKNOWN back home. Strangers can be non trustworthy.

Be Well Prepared

5. Learn any form of self defense MARTIAL ARTS. I would love to share my personal experience here. I learnt Judo for few months and at that time I felt I could bash anyone messing with me. It boosted my confidence immensely. Another way of being well prepared is to keep PEPPER SPRAY very handy so that it can be used in time of need. I am using one from Safetykart.

Be Smart and Technology Equipped

6. We are all tech savvy with latest gizmos in our bags and pockets. Keep the contacts updated with HELPLINE NUMBERS. Women must inform the transport department of their companies immediately if the cab breakdown happens or driver misbehaves. DOWNLOAD SAFETY APPLICATIONS like SMART SURAKSHA, with the push of a button an SOS alert with your GPS coordinates is sent to select emergency contacts and police via text message. This is a new application which promises safety at a PUSH OF A BUTTON.


7. If you are attacked and have no help around, just shout out loud. Hit the culprit at vulnerable places and run. Don’t give up at all. Keep shouting, maybe someone may hear you. Even if  someone doesn’t know martial arts, take some tips from YOUTUBE videos. You never know what may come handy. Use umbrella, keys, mobile or purse to hit hard rather carry a SHARP OBJECT in your bag always if you travel in dark hours.

Confident and Positive Body Language

8. If you are new to a place or are not sure about the route, don’t let nervousness come on your face. A Tourist should never roam around with ROAD MAPS because you may become SOFT TARGETS. Being loose and over friendly with strangers can be dangerous too. Hold a CONFIDENT LOOK on your face always and don’t trust anyone too soon. Keep purse and money intact. Dress well, try to avoid the focus on you on road.

Use Presence of Mind

9. If caught in trouble, try and run to the place which was crowded on the way.  Generally ATMs can be safe because they have a guard there. Run towards the Mall or busy place nearby. If a thief enters your house, run towards your KITCHEN where there can be items to fight out for your safety.

Read, Learn and Be Aware

10. There is so much happening around so ensure to keep yourself updated with the events around your house, colony and the place where you work. Make sure you KNOW your city well where you may have shifted newly. Read details of such incidents to know what level of crimes are happening. This will prepare you for the worst.  Live in harmony with neighbors so that they are keen to help in case of need.

Apart from all the tips, all parents and specially mothers must ensure to teach their boys to respect the other sex. This may not be possible overnight but this will bring the needed change. Men have always seen women being dominated and they think its their right to offend her. I am not saying there aren’t sensible men but the numbers are too limited.

Hope, my letter works out useful. Will float it to all as mails as well. You may also spread it out.

HELP for all…

Download the SMART SURAKSHA here…

And if you don’t have Android phone…keep the helpline numbers intact.

 Important Contact no. for DELHI where I live..

·         DCP Night Duty Delhi Police Hotline – +91 875 0870 099

·         Police Control room (All over India)– 100 (in case your phone can’t dial this add area code before 100 for example for Delhi 011 100)


 I am sharing my smart suraksha tips at   in association with Smart Suraksha App

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11 thoughts on “Safety Letter for my Friends

  1. “Dress well, try to avoid the focus on you on road.”

    This is one point many females do not agree with. Feminism is one thing and being wise is another.
    Great tips and a very useful post. Sharing it further.

    1. Hi, I too found this one point wrong in principle in an otherwise brilliant and informative post. This idea is very entrenched in current thinking that a girl’s way of dressing is a cause of assault. I think this idea need to be resisted and it is not wise to accept it no matter how practical it looks in first instance. Recently few women in Saudi Arabia were jailed for mere driving. It was not practical to do it either. I do not say this view must be challenged by doing it but it must be resisted in principle as silence on it is tantamount to acceptance that the way a women dresses is cause of assault.Besides when this is given as reason it hides the actual cause that a criminal was emboldened by lack of fear of law rather than the dress one wore.

  2. It’s just sad that we have to take these precautions at all! But since we do, the ones enlisted by you are great! Thanks for sharing!

  3. It is highly informative post. Enjoyed reading it. But it is very urban centric solutions. I was wondering how can we make lives of the most vulnerable women in rural/tribal areas secure.

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