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Value a life, donot take it! Lets not blame it to Karma please!

 Delhi and My Manifesto!  

In the above, I wrote about the microscopic everyday issues like corruption nexus, bureaucratic failure, traffic, environment, neglect towards the poor, women being made victims of heinous crimes and road rage leading to several deaths each day. While on the macroscopic level, the bridge between the rich and poor is growing day by day. But I wish to draw attention and make suggestions to the most painful of all and that is WORTH OF LIFE which has become absolutely Zero.

Something that affects me everyday is our capital city’s growing insensitiveness. A city is made of its people, its infrastructure, its facilities and its governance. What happens when all of them conspire to be mute spectators to their surroundings and its sufferings? The value and worth of life depreciates to ZERO. Everyday there are cases reported when people lose their life in some form or the other and there are many cases which happen due to negligence of governance, people and us.

Everyday a jobless man ends his life, poor men on the streets die due to lack of food and shelter, children die due to malnutrition, patients die outside government hospitals because there are not enough medical services, young girls and boys die in road rage and women get killed because some men turned animals rape them and throw them to die. Not just this the close one’s of these people die multiple deaths due to prevailing corruption and delay of justice to them. They fight it till they can but its a painful and a long experience. Why isn’t anyone bothered? So basically all our senses have been crippled and we have lost feelings.

We have all become self-centered and absolutely selfish because we hardly stop by to save a life that needs help. Remember Jyoti Singh Pandey and her friend cried for help for long. Not Far, Winters are right here and we will be having cases of people shivering to death everyday. Is anyone bothered till we sleep in our cozy blankets? The other day I visited AIIMS, one of the hospital with best medical facilities, and my pain deepened with the realization that truly life had lost its worth. If you are not a kin and kith of a politician or a resourceful person, you really have to be suffering from a grave disease to earn a bed there. For the poor man’s dengue, the blood platelets have to fall count as low as 25,000 platelets per microlitre of blood to be admitted there because the beds and facilities are limited…Worse gets the priority… How miserable is this?

Lets not blame the deaths to Karma please!

The need of the hour is Sensitive and Strict Rules for the people of the country.

  • A government is needed to be headed by a person who belongs to the masses, feels their pain and acts to alleviate them strongly. It must live through the democratic concept ‘Of the People, By the People, For the People.
  • Medical facilities for everyone. Its matter of a life, let not the poor die just because they cannot afford the expenses. We desperately need more number of hospitals and medical care facilities offering services free of cost.
  • Huge number of Shelter Homes are needed in the city because there is a huge populace who have no roofs for them to sleep under. There are few numbers and also the poor conditions there keep the poor away from these shelter homes and they prefer side walks.
  •  A strict law is needed that spares not the rich brats and corrupted bureaucracy.
  • Fear factor has to come down deep in everyday life. The culprits should shudder at the thought of committing the crime. Each one who has done something wrong should be taken by law and made to face the music.
  • Strict, strong and Immediate punishment should be there for those who abduct, molest or rape women. Respect women in every form, she is the creator of Life. 
  • The onus goes on us, citizens as well. Lets evolve as Responsible citizens and educate our children to grow one. When they see us bribe, they got to learn and imbibe the same.
  • Value LIFE of a dying man, a victim, a woman, a child etc.!!! Its worth a million.

And most importantly we need a heart, a helping hand for anyone and everyone. Sensitiveness and Sensitization is important.

This is My Delhi Manifesto in association with The Favorite community of Indian Bloggers.

Happy Blogging !!!

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7 thoughts on “Value a life, donot take it! Lets not blame it to Karma please!

  1. I wonder if someone is listening! And perhaps taking notice that it needs action. Loved and feel each and every word of it. For four years I studied in Delhi and I know every word you have written is gospel truth for that place..


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