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Gift me a Dairy, with Love…

Love for DIARY…  (my story)

My fascination for stationery dates back to the times when laptops were in the making and tablets, touchscreens were yet to be manufactured and my Dad proudly owned and loved his typewriter. It was my eighth birthday and Daddy gifted me my first dairy. By that time I was already in love with stationery items like books, notepads, pencils, sketch pens etc. , thus a bundle of crisp pages bound by a spiral with a peacock on the outer hard side looked enamoring. I had seen Daddy writing in his diary every night but had never wanted one for myself yet.

With not a minute to waste I had asked him, Is this Mine?

Yes, he said..

‘ What do I do with this Daddy?’  

He had put it gently, its time you put down your thoughts, do some cursive writing  and scribble your heart Beta.

By that time I had only used a School diary which was a medium for conversation between parents and teachers and also for noting down homework. Having an all new, thick diary made me giddy with happiness and I did not give up until I had shown it to my friends next day in school. That time I did not know that more than owning a diary, it was important to use it wisely. Gradually Daddy taught me to use the calendar to mark the important dates. He introduced the other uses as well and one thing that I adopted soon was the practice of regularly making  diary entries.  From spilling ink on myself to the broken toy to maggi noodles that I loved, I wrote everything in there. By the time my next birthday came, he was very happy with my work. And then it became a ritual, a dairy a year is the most precious gift that comes from him to me.

Yes!!! I love to scribble. When people love to shop for chocolates, dresses, gifts, I am charmed with stationery items.  And no less I admit I love the smell of neat, fresh paper.  I thoroughly enjoy collecting notebooks and diaries. 

The picture below shows some of the diaries that my DAD has gifted me over the years of growing up. I have an amazing collection and I love to flaunt it.  So next time when you are thinking of gifting me, as I have always said give me a book or something in paper where I can scribble my heart out.

My Mid Year Collection of Notebook and Diaries

Matrikas Paper Products have sent in more and I am all happy.

  The brand    hails from SFA print (P) Ltd., and they have come up with refreshing range of products including Notebooks,Journals,Diaries and high quality book making services. Recently, I took a glance at their products and honestly couldn’t stay away from being a part of their “Scribble your heart away….” Campaign! 

I am thankful to them that they sent me a gift pack of three different kind of notebooks. How thoughtful of them to give the bloggers/ writers just what they love most. For me, Diary is an important keepsake forever.


The products sent by have settled so beautifully on my side table

All three are different and beautiful and can be used for different purposes. They offer many useful pages where one can highlight and plan ‘TO Do’ list. The notebook with Mother Teresa’s cover design is in itself very inspiring. And as I relieved them of the thin packing sheet on top, crisp pages fell open. Soon, I picked the pen and I couldn’t hold myself from penning down the poem below.

The Diary

In my diary, I tend to drop my thoughts here and there.

To its pages, I whisper the secrets I keep and the hopes I breathe.

Joys and Sorrow, I burrow with ink in pen.

I return to it in day or night,

My heart and soul loves to capture the songs in here.

I know not what is wrong or right,

I write about the specters of life in black and white.

Thoughts and visions of loved ones, strangers come hopping.

Sometimes I Fear the people eavesdropping,

One day they would read what I write,

And realize they have not known me tight.


Check out their facebook page here and their website at

The 2015 collection will be available on Snapdeal soon.   🙂 🙂 🙂

Diaries makes great gifts!

I would end on a beautiful note and say  ‘Write anything. Just write…’

Matrikas Diary

5 thoughts on “Gift me a Dairy, with Love…

  1. Those were the days. I identify with the “smell” you mention. I love the smell of new books. I wonder about next gen. My daughter has not seen a typewriter or a postcard. As we progress technologically will they even know alphabets. What with the virtual lingo and tablets introduced in schools.

  2. such pretty diaries. Too bad I have grown out of the diary habit, but they always make great gifts during Christmas/New Year time

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