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O lady! Get away, Travel, Recharge, Kill the stress, and Have a Tresses-full Life…

I hope you loved the catchy heading….Well my heart sings this tune quite often….I am bored of corporate life and wish someone paid me for reading, writing and traveling !!! (fashionable too)

From sunshine to sunset, the mundane routine of our everyday living takes the best of us. By the end of the day we feel exhausted. The weekends do provide some solace but we really can’t escape the grind that comes back pouncing on Monday again. Eight to nine months down the year and we all begin to look out for ways to recharge ourselves. Of course, we need the synergy to rule the roost. But thats not it, when you begin to plan there comes the twist. Yes! I know the boss denies the leaves, the maid runs away, the family functions pitch in and the flu comes uninvited in the family…. but we don’t give up,  we try again… thats Life!! We got to Recharge ourselves, Right!!!

Thus, for me its traveling and nothing on Earth gives me a high like it.  And my super cool reason to keep my hair recharged always is that I do not want to board the bus, train, ship or my plane bothering about my hair…(Rather thats the last thing that I would want).  In fact I would love to rock always with a strand of hair here and a strand there. ‘Camera, Say cheese and Click’ should all go hand in hand… wat say?

My lungs demand the breath of fresh air,
My eyes hunt for the picturesque beauty,
My body jumps up to the idea of recreational jog,
My tresses wish to be let open, to sway and dance with the winds,
My soul conspires against me and makes my heart sing,
My lady! Get away, Travel, Recharge, Kill the stress, and Have a Tresses-full Life...

My Travel Highs with my lovely Tresses,
Near the beaches, while para-gliding, at the Top of Europe, on the streets of Paris and in the Deserts of Dubai.

I just love to travel and unwind?

I feel the beaches, the heights, the desert and the sky simply transcend me into another world where I can just be me. Its all the more fun when you don’t have to care about anything. Just pack your bags and be on the go. Also traveling should mean no work, no stress and  no bad hair days. Yes!the tresses play an integral role to play in the unwinding. In the night, when you open your hair from plaits, buns , styles etc. don’t you feel relaxed… Ofcourse we all do!!

And not to forget that our hair contribute to the best of our pictures, don’t they? A bad hair can actually make it all too messy and one dreads combing through them… So I would love to have them fall down well, ready to shine and look recharged always….Rolling and flocking together…

In fact, I have a real story of mine to share too. I was on my Europe trip for ten days and in all these days I didn’t comb my hair… I shampooed my silky hair alternately and just let my hair down…they played no havoc…they behaved so good.. The truth is I had forgotten my comb, I dint use the one provided in the hotels and who on Earth had the time to buy a COMB.… not me at least…

But gone are those days. Now my hair doesn’t behave so well.. it poses problems…I spend a lot of time looking after the hair, touching it, tending to it. I wish I could get back those days of ‘no work on hair’.

‘Camera, Say Cheese and Click’… thats it!!!

A trip, travel, a getaway should be  like it where you just don’t need to bother about anything, not even your hair… they should always look recharged. I wish I could always travel like a free bird without bothering about my hair. And that would keep my life recharged too!

 My heart sings

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