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2020 World Expo “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future”

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When Dubai won the world expo 2020 on November 27 2013, I was among the privileged one’s who saw the spectacular celebrations of the Emirate, in closest proximity of the world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa. The fountain dance and firework that followed was beautiful. The journey to the top of Burj Khalifa was not that great but what followed in the late evening was heartening. I have never seen a country, region celebrate a win so cheerfully.

Obviously being there at that special moment will always bring back memories of the day. Also since then I have been really curious about this event. I am happy to have known it to write about it.

The moment the announcement came from Paris, that Dubai had won the Expo trade convention in 2020 – beating off rival bids from Russia’s Yekaterinburg, Turkey’s Izmir and Brazil’s Sao Paulo, colorful fireworks were launched from Burj Khalifa as people thronged in the Dubai Mall to celebrate the gesture. The excitement was immense and honestly as a tourist I felt so wonderful about it all. Both the natives and ex-pats ( a place which boasts off people from 200 nationalities) were absolutely thrilled at the news. Though India was not among the competing countries but even if it had been, I would have wanted Dubai to win. Reason being obvious after the Commonwealth Games debacle, I fear scams. 

The happiness, joy, excitement and optimism was evident through the faces of the people though many like me did not really know how it would affect them. But one thing was common that we were aware of the fact that Dubai had high hopes of winning the Expo and it had many dream projects aligned accordingly and this event was a special one. There were many others who knew that it was an achievement in real because opportunities would come in plenty. Later I googled more about it and learnt that it is one of the exhibitions thats termed ‘historic’ and ‘international’ in its approach. And now I know why this  Emirate can’t wait to swoon with latest architecture and technology.

What is this EXPO all about?

It is the world’s largest expo that showcases the best and latest and the exhibitors travel from all across the world. It is not just a exhibition but a great show of innovations and futuristic vision. Culture and creativity gets a new high. The exhibition takes place after every five years and it lasts for 6 months. First World expo had happened in London in 1851. Huge developments have been a part of preparations for this exhibitions always eg. Paris metro had come up in Paris when it had hosted the exhibition. Next year, in 2015, the world is eying Italy, which is the host.

And from Europe, the event will travel to Middle East for the first time. What I saw of Dubai, I am sure the Emirate will not leave any stone unturned in impressing the world with its grand show.

The theme this year is ‘Connecting Minds, Creating the Future’ and its looks so promising already. Sustainability, Mobility, Opportunity are the sub theme of this event. Dubai has already become the crossroads of the world, a place which is best located between East and West.

What lies ahead?

A huge transformation and development lies ahead for Dubai in the next seven years. Expo 2020, will take place from October 2020 to April 2021.

A huge exhibition center will be built to host the event. The infrastructure, medical, transport facilities and all other prerequisites are being worked out by the preparatory committee to present a grand show to the world. More than 3 lakh jobs will be created, many plus new hotels will spring up and an extension to Dubai’s metro line is planned already. The main features of the event are energy conservation, collaboration and mobility.

                                                           The 438-hectare site at the Dubai Trade Center, Jebel Ali

Dubai, a desert no less than two decades before, with sparse oil resources and fishing as its business has already set an example before the world that nothing can hold you for long. They bounced back soon from the 2008 economic hit as well. The Emirate has a fascination to make world records.  They do not have the natural beauty and advancements like Europe or America but they are trying to bring the best from all across the world. They are investing it wisely and with a perfect vision. And especially I was surprised to talk to the people there, I have friends and acquaintances there and  they talked happily about the place and they were satisfied with the quality of life there. What more do you want?

I wish all the best to the preparatory committee and hope to see Dubai grow, expand and come out with flying colors in the World Expo 2020. I must confess I would want to return to this place again and again.

Happy Blogging!!!

4 thoughts on “2020 World Expo “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future”

  1. Jebel Ali looks so grand and superb. Dubai is the place to be and dying to be there. I have been at the airport but didn’t get out. Now, m whining:(

  2. Really nice Manjulika 🙂
    Great that you were among the ‘privileged ones who saw the spectacular celebrations of the Emirate’ near Burj Khalifa.

  3. Great Info! Expo 2020 preparation being already started is something good to hear. And I hope,it will host a lot of latest and future technologies and ideas. It should be very exciting there

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