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Nokia acts Mobile Santa, Just Wish it!!!

The first Indiblogger Event of the year 2014 rocked last Friday. Blogging meets are so much fun because they boast of no rules and help cull inhibitions. Also they make great meeting place for bloggers and brands over food and drinks. I confess, it feels great to be a blogger, ofcourse because we are being heard and we are wanted too.

Like in the past, the famous brand Nokia came together with Inditeam to celebrate their initiative with the blogging fraternity. ‘Nokia Lumia-Your Wish is My App’ campaign was a hit last year.  Season 2 is here and has gone global this time.

At the meet

The MD, Mr. P. Balaji addressed the bloggers. He talked about the enhanced usage of mobile phone in our life and how applications had come to play a vital role round the clock. He talked about last season’s ‘Your Wish My Application’ campaign and introduced Season 2.

I have been a loyal customer to Nokia forever and have always used its phone till date. However, Nokia Lumia is still looming in my shopping cart and is yet to make its way to my pocket. The Indi team welcomed us as always while the hosts Vikas Khanna, Rajiv Makhni and Vishal Gondal rocked the center-stage!. It always feels so good to meet people so closely when you have seen them on television. I religiously follow Rajiv Makhni’s tech column in HT brunch and thus to meet him face to face was a pleasure, loved the two minutes conversation with him as well. Vishal Gondal was witty, cute and definitely fun guy but Vikas Khanna, our Master Chef from New York was the one who actually stole away the show with his heartwarming gestures. Not only through food, but he knows many more ways to win hearts. The three hours were very refreshing, power packed, high on energy, enthusiasm and entertainment. Lots of activities were taken up, participation was wholesome, there were raining prizes and networking among bloggers thrived.

I quite liked some of the app ideas, like one of the fellow blogger suggested that there should be a loo locater for females. This one is a great idea. Another one said that the safety applications should come with a loud siren which would send an alarm to seek help instantly. There was an idea about organ donation application too so that people in need could be reached out easily. And I quite liked Vikas Khanna’s idea too when he suggested that there should be an app which could help to make different dishes by using same ingredients. This idea is definitely very useful when one travels a lot for work and prefers home cooked food. One really cant set up a whole kitchen at every place you travel so it would be so much fun, tempting and cost saving to make different dishes with the same ingredients.

The meet ended on a great note and lots of photo sessions. And after the long day and long week at office, I loved the treat, the large food-spread at Oberoi’s, New Delhi on Friday.

I participated in ‘Nokia Lumia-Your Wish is My App’ campaign last year. Did I tell you I had pitched my idea among the 38 thousand entries and had won a cool charger in the twitter contest.

This time, I am participating again.  I am submitting two ideas for my WISH APPLICATION. They are called ‘iHappy’ andKids Cry Converter’.


Need of the hour:  Today’s world is getting fast, racy and competitive. Success, glamor and paparazzi, they all involve stress and cut throat competition. There are many times we feel extremely low and helpless. Depression is the new polio thats crippling the people. And we notice or rather experience that in the worst of times when people feel low they often refrain from communicating with their family and friends as well. However, our mobile phone are always close and some prefer to vent their emotions on social media. Thus I suggest there is a need for an application that will give options to vent out the anger, control stress,  help to express emotions, needs, fears,  opinions and ultimately enhance the happiness quotient of the user. I wish this application to prevent people from living in isolation and depression.

This  application will help to keep in store all happy thoughts, memories, actions and wishes of a person via notes, pictures, album, diary entries, sweet nothings. It will be capable of measuring the happiness quotient of the user by analyzing the activities, updates done on the application on a daily basis.  Once found low, the application would always try to push the quotient on the higher side. It will remind the user of all good things of life, slide-show pictures , send jokes and will cheer him/her up. It will have a few features where one can actually vent out the stress and anger. When the user is too stressed, it will send messages to friends and family as well. Thus, its gonna be all about keeping its user happy, cheerful and away from negative thoughts.

Second One:

Kids cry convertor : A small baby, or the just born looks like a God sent when happy but onces it goes cranky, it becomes difficult to put them at peace.  Judge their trouble is no less than a puzzle. Many a times even the parents do not know what the child is going through or its needs. Wish there was an application that could translate the baby’s cry tones, signs, gestures to words or actions. This would help to look into a baby’s needs better and to keep the little one happy always.  Best, the Moms would be able to keep the baby smiling, sneak in more sleep and they would thank Nokia like never before.

Happy Blogging!!!


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