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Spicy Bites of Biryani

Spicy Bites of Biryani by Ashwina Garg

In One Sentence :  Its captures life of four people and cascades around their sweet-sour relationships.

Cover Page and the Title :  I liked the tagline (because life needs a little masala) that comes with the Title.

It appears interesting and promises a spicy story.

I liked the Cover Page, the animated look is different and nice. It shows a young girl and a boy conversing by the side of the lake, the design looks youthful.  (reminds me of the lake scene in the movie Dil to Pagal hai- a tete-a-tete between SRK and Karishma)

Blurb:   Its simple and sweet. It puts across the story in a crispy format and succeeds in building interest in the readers.  What I liked best was that the blurb promises a story which is different from the usual boy- loved- a -girl or over-hyped campus love stories.

STORY:   Aditi, is a writer who is free-spirited one who prefers to excuse herself from any kind of relationship that calls for commitment. She is glamorous and trendy.  She believes in making and breaking relationships. She is  the non-serious kind of girl who wants to live life the way she imagines but on the contrary creates soapy characters in her book.  Sanjay, bigger in age, all the way from USA has come back to his roots in Hyderabad to find a suitable match for himself. He has had his share of relationship too. Before he actually takes up the job of meeting the ‘to-be-brides’ applicants on a serious note, he meets Aditi through their common friend Mayank.  

And then begins a cute story, a relationship so different. Some times it seems complicated but otherwise it picks similarities from real life. The character of Sanjay comes out really well and his way of being in love is different, it even includes making Aditi agree to some clauses on the stamp paper as well.

Mayank and Jayshree are another cool couple in the story. Their relationship comes out as realistic in many pages of the book  as the author tells us about their life in India and abroad, ways of dealing their inter-caste marriage, planning a baby, managing a business of their own, etc.

The couples don’t impose themselves on each other and the book has showcased healthy relationships, in both the cases, married or unmarried.

LIKES:  The characters are well imagined, nicely created and are convincing. The story is laced with humor, sarcasm and a few thought-provoking instances. It depicts the life of the present generation and thus it helps to relate with it well. It has been packaged well and has its entertaining pieces well intact. I liked the chemistry of Aditi and Sanjay, how two different genre of people,  coming from two different fields of profession gel out so well. Whenever they were together, they were able to create a charm.

DISLIKES:  In the beginning, it fails to impress. The usual story, which goes on in our neighborhood and later becomes melo-dramatic just like  our films. Aditi’s unending list of boyfriends and her unpredictable behavior at times was a turn off. There was nothing out-of-the-box in the whole script.  Typo and grammatical errors really need to be fixed in books of Shristi Publications and this one too. It may disappoint readers who are always wanting something new and fresh. 

The first time Author, Ashwina Garg looks promising and she has been able to deliver a good and live up-to the expectations book. She has a style and it definitely stands out unique as you tread along. The story line looks youthful at the first glance but it equally deals with aspects that have to be dealt maturely in life, and the author must be applauded for handling those issues quite well. I would look forward to her second writings.

Last word—  There is definitely something good about the book. It won’t disappoint at all.

Happy Reading and Happy Blogging!!!

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  1. Thanks for the review…very useful…next time i am at the bookstore will grab a copy…Having read the review, i can pick up the book more confidently than blindly going for it.

    PS, I have moved my blog space to Self Veda. Do visit for my latest post. Happy reading!

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