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Goodness is about spreading it and in my view Books are the best medium to spread it. My grandfather often says don’t run after being the best, just be Good and do Good… that’s more than being the best …..  Am I getting thoughtful and preachy too??  😉


I am thankful to this one because it helped me with a peaceful week and I am sure it will continue to lend its effect in future too. The 120 pages capture the essentials and goodness of life in abundance. Thinking Aloud is a collection of original inspirational quotes. The thoughts promulgating from the quotations in the book have varied propositions and applications in life. I spent a good amount of time in reading quite many of them more than once. I liked it best when the Author Priya Kumar asks us to Think, Reflect, Ponder, Ruminate, Act, Mull Over, Think Over, Contemplate, Perceive, Realize etc.

FIRST LOOK: The cover design with the ‘human side face’  captures the thoughtfulness behind the Title well. 

BOOK TITLE: Thinking Aloud is a well conceived one. It makes one introspective and lends it many meanings. The main theme is to read them loud and clear to ourselves, practice them louder in life and let our actions speak about them loudest to others.  Maybe the Author wanted to convey something more… 🙂

GENRE: Self Help, Inspirational Book

IN ONE SENTENCE:  Induces good thoughts making the best use of power and virtue of words.

ROUNDED AROUND: It talks about Happiness, Winning, Love, Courage, Money, Self-Worth, Praise, Humor, Attitude, Trust, Hope.

KNOW MORE: All the quotes talk about doing good and being good through the realization of various aspects of life. Some of them are hugely inspiring and intoxicating. When you read the crisp lines, they seem so easy-going but they have profound meanings between the lines. They share mantras for achieving the peace of mind because the more we run after happiness, it eludes us. In the age of technology and complexities, the simple things have been forgotten but we have to get back to them definitely, the sooner we do, the best it would be. In fact the Author says put on your thinking caps, ponder over them and then deliberately put them in practice. 

THUMPS UP: All the thoughts are very simple and sweet. The small stories in the beginning of a new chapter  have been uniquely picked and they set the right mood. The quotes are not preachy in nature but more suggestive and helpful in taste. They convey more than the words put together. Connecting it with the people around us was a good thing done by the Author and relating it with the impact and importance of their words in life make it all the more enjoyable and catchy. 

THUMPS DOWN: Nothing much disappointing as such but yeah I would have loved to read more of anecdotes and short stories inspiring me more to imbibe these lovely quotations. A few of the quotations seemed old but wrapped in different combination of words, my knack for newness makes me write this.

Some beautiful lines picked up from the Introduction of the book which compelled me to go further:

‘One sentence can sum up a story.

One thought can sum up an epic.

One quote can sum up a lifetime of learning.

And sometimes a moment of silence can sum up eternity.’

Thanks Priya Kumar for sending the book along with the wishes. Books like this should be read and carried along more often to keep reminding oneself about the small, simple and sweet things of life. Kudos to you for doing the great work of spreading enlightenment and inspiration all across.

Happy Reading!!!

Happy Blogging!!!

🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

“Happiness Attracts Miracles”
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