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Air Asia: I had a pleasant experience on the Goan route

Flying in the air was always a much-sought after dream for mankind. Thank God, we conquered it soon!



Those who travel regularly hardly realize that its still a luxury affair.  The first take-off always feels very-very special. I underwent this realization when I recently met an elderly woman aged around 45 who was flying for the first time. I could easily read the anxiousness and the happiness on her face. She almost behaved like a curious kid who kept stooping to my side to see the land, sea, clouds from the heights. I helped her with the seat-belt and offered my window seat on her request. No doubt I love them too but I felt so happy to see her ecstatic at the sight of cottony spread in the sky.


The cottony world fascinates the child in me!


While my consultant husband travels a lot in and out and enthusiastically collects air-miles,  I never miss a chance to try and educate myself around different flight services to match up to him. Here is a new experience. I recently got a chance to fly Air Asia from New Delhi to Goa and back.



When I had won the Air Asia blogging contest in 2013, I had always nursed this idea that I would book my flights to Malaysia through this flight carrier only.  As a blogger when I write about something, I generally blog around my experience or I read to collect information. More we connect with the brand on a different level.


Air Asia experience did not happen as thought of.  No doubt, it was a happy thing that I did get a chance to visit the dream destination- KL and experience it the way I had written (Tourism Malaysia invited me to Malaysia via Malaysia Airlines ) but I had to wait for Air Asia.


My Boarding pass- Delhi to Goa


Being a travel blogger, I quite enjoy booking and experiencing different flight carriers. For the reasons stated above and more, I was really excited when I got a chance to experience Air Asia finally. Last month in the third week of May, this low-cost carrier had started flying from the capital to Bengaluru, Goa and Guwahati and within a month I boarded it too for Goa.

Overall, it was a nice experience. At the time of check-in the girl suggested to go for the Premium seats and since it costed Rs. 200 only, I agreed to go for it. Apart from getting a chance to board and de-board the flight early, the Premium Seats come with extra legroom. I was seated in the 8th row to the otherwise 27 that I had pre-booked. Hope you are not looking for more!


The meals are not inclusive in the flight tickets, thus one has to pre-book. The Air-Asia Cafe has interesting options and I did regret not booking food for myself. In the flight, you are not left with many options because they carry limited boxes. By the time the flight attendant reached the eighth row, there was only chicken noodle box to go for as I was not keen on vegetable sandwiches. It costed me a 100 bucks.



My friend who was seated in the 7th row got lucky with the last box of Basa with broccoli, beans and potatoes. As per her the food tasted really yum as the picture says.



There is an in-flight magazine too but it needs to be worked upon. It really did not hook me for long. I had a book and opted to read it. More, I was traveling with a friend and we blabbered throughout the journey.


When we reached Goa, we were welcomed by beautiful rains. That’s the flight I was inside. (Oh I love taking the aeroplane captures)


Goa to New Delhi —  (Was about to miss the flight but the Air Asia officials tracked us at the last minute)   😉


We were five bloggers who had to take the flight together. We were done with the airport formalities by 2 p.m. while the flight was slated for 4 p.m. One of us wanted to get her flight rescheduled because she had missed some luggage, the staff at the counter cordially helped her out.  Rest we four walked to our gate and got so busy chit-chatting that we absolutely missed the announcements of the gate change. While we were sitting opposite Row F at the Goa airport, the flight was about to take off in next ten minutes from the E row. I must confess none of us had the track of time as we were so engrossed in our lovely banters.


At the last minute, one of the Air Asia members came looking for us and finally found us. He rushed us through the check-ins and baggage tag verification and finally we escaped the adventure of missing the flight.


I had ignored the idea of pre-booking the meal  because I had thought I wouldn’t feel hungry post lunch. But when they started serving food, I was hungry again. This time I was lucky at 18th row to get a box of roasted chicken with sauteed vegetables.


Yes, it was very filling and delicious too.



Had a great time on Air Asia. I will always remember the crazy fun that I had with my blogger friends and Goan experience in the Monsoons was absolutely delighting.

Also, June has been special in itself because I got a chance to visit Goa not once but twice.

And some news for the frequent travelers, Air Asia Big Sale is on from June 22 to June 28. I am trying to book some interesting deals. Do let me know if you find any.


Happy Flying!!

Air flights are a boon to the travelers and the world has already shrunk through the ever-increasing routes.

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  1. It is so amazing to read your account of our MAD and crazy fun journey here! I am going to write my account on my Blog soon, and yes the almost-missed flight because of gossip sessions will be a highlight, haha. Keep writing!

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