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My Favorite clicks of The Dubai Mall

I love writing about Dubai, the reason is since my trip there I have developed an affinity for the place. I felt it was clean, friendly, safe and buzzed with positive energy. Also, what I liked about it is its newness, the youthfulness in its looks and the luxury that it proudly offers. The Arabs have always been there and the deserts have had their own enigma but this city has not been satiated just with what it had. It has made its presence felt on the global map by bringing in all that it could from the countries round the world and has been reborn to shine brightly. In Dubai, right from the airport, the metro, the roads, malls in there, everything boasts of state-of-the-art technology.

Its just been six months that I had a 8 days lovely trip exploring its beauty and magnificence and now I wanna go back again. The Malls, Desert Safari, Jumeriah Beach, Burj Khalifa, Ski Dubai, Palms, Ibn Battuta are still afresh in my mind. If given a chance I would want to go there to write, find work or just explore more about it. Old parts of it, creek, fishing and the souks are some of the things that have a deep history and must be explored intricately in detail. In my first visit I couldn’t do much except read a few books about Dubai’s growth.

However, I also felt that Dubai is hugely expensive and is doing more and more to attract the rich.  I am sure the expats there are working hard and making the most of it. Its a place which has only 18% Emiratis and rest people from other countries as its citizens.  A positive implication of it is conglomeration of cultures

Dubai is on a spree of expanding and growing. I am sure when I visit it again, there would be many more accomplishments added to its cap.  Of course the EXPO 20 20 is the big thing thats coming up. For now, I just wanna relive the memories and the pictures that I carried back home.

If you wanna explore the real luxury of Dubai, start from The DUBAI MALL, the largest mall ( someone estimated it as 50 football pitches) in the city which gets a huge footfall in the year  falling in the league of Niagara Falls. It houses more than 1200 outlets and has lavishness inscribed to its name. Its easy to reach via Metro. Its just endless with stairs, escalators, lifts, passage, alleys, souks, shops, lanes etc. You have absolutely lots to do in there. All great brands can be explored at one place and when you see people shopping, it gives an idea about the fondness they have towards filling shopping bags. The Aquarium and the Ice skating add to its charm. And the best its the closest to the tallest building in the world. Yes, Burj Khalifa is just there connected to the mall. The Fountain Dance in the evening is a beauty and one of the things not to be missed in any case.  One can also plan a visit to the top of the Burj Khalifa and it happens via lowest floor in the mall.

And now its time to showcase my clicks that I did on my first visit to the Dubai Mall.


Dubai Mall, The first Click of the Huge Lampshade which changed colors.


Dubai Mall, Hersheys, My favorite and cute choclates


I love Bookshops and I spent some time in there too browsing books.
Book World, Kinokuniya                       


A beautiful Fall of Water in the Inside.


You can’t miss the CHEESE CAKE here


The colorful Candy shop


The Famous Dubai Aquarium


Garrett, I love popcorns


The Mall has a Souk too   


Arabic fascination


Beautiful Burj Khalifa



Very Helpful Signs to Help one Make their Way Around.

3 thoughts on “My Favorite clicks of The Dubai Mall

  1. Wow, great clicks. We have been thinking of visiting Dubai this Christmas. Your photos only reinforce that decision 🙂

  2. Amazing clicks of Dubai and ur writing make us dream..dying to go there some day..stopped over at the airport once and was mesmerized:)

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