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My love for Switzerland

I can bet on this that every Indian girl who has seen Bollywood blockbuster Dilwala Dulhaniya Le Jayenge and has romanced, has definitely lusted to go to Zurich with the loved one.  In fact huge hugs to makers of the movie who made us Indians fall in love with Europe. And thus bollywood rocks at the highest point in Europe. Yes, it does on the top of Europe you have a bollywood restaurant which showcases huge posters of Sharukh Khan, Madhuri Dixit, Hritik Roshan and others.

Well when I had seen the movie, apart from drooling over King Khan, honestly, I had said a small prayer too and it happened pretty soon for me. It wasn’t even a honeymoon trip but just a travel that happened when I visited my husband in Sweden and he planned a surprise trip for me. I was super excited to be there.  So after exploring Paris, we headed to Zurich.

If you are visiting Europe, Switzerland deserves a place in the itinerary absolutely.  Though everyone has their own things to lust for when it comes to traveling, I can give you reasons too many not to give this one a miss. And believe me its gonna be a memory close to your heart forever. I fell in love with the first view itself. The blue lake,  perfectly cut fields, few houses amidst the lavish and real green environment. The country is blessed with true colors of nature.

The first view of Switzerland

Lets start the countdown to make it irresistible.

The castle shaped buildings, quaint cobblestone streets, rose gardens, lovely lakeside views of Zurich lake, the mountain journey to the snow, world’s steepest modern cogwheel train, Europe’s largest waterfall- Rhine Falls,  ice palace, mountain villages, the breath-taking high Alpine glacier world,  deep glacier crevasses, ultimate snow experience at Top of Europe , glacier chair-lifting at Titlis Glacier, Rotaair and more.

Zurich city in itself is spectacular with classical architecture and natural beauty to surround it.  On the first day we visited the National Museum to discover the history and culture. Later we strolled around Main Railway station, Bahnhofstrasse shopping avenue and Lake Zurich. It was difficult to stop oneself from clicking pictures and at the same time, all around it was magnificently beautiful.

Zurich city

The Tram lines passing through the city.

In particular, the trip does not end at Zurich, its just the beginning point. The areas close-by Zurich, which can be reached through excursion tours or trains have real natural beauty, idyllic landscapes and adventure to offer .

Lucerne, a city that offers diverse mix of attractions. It has it all, Old town, Chapel Bridge, Lion Monument, Europe’s largest traffic museum, Picasso Museum.

The picturesque medieval city famous as ‘city of roses’ is Rapperswil.

Grindelwald, nicknamed Glacier village, at the foot of Mt. Eiger 

There is Heidiland too, near Mainfield, one can see the places where Heidi village exists and the story took place.

Kilchberg, place where one can purchase best Swiss chocolate at Lindt Chocolate Shop.

The Jungfrau Railway which takes us through the magnificent Alpine world through Interlaken, Lauterbrunnen,  Kliene Scheidegg, Eiger. This highest train network reaches to 3454m, 11,333 ft.  The panorama at the top is breath taking.

On the way to Top of Europe

Swiss Travel Systems is just awesome. A perfect network.

The taste buds entertained because one can’t afford to miss the Swiss specialty, cheese fondue, Rosti potatoes, salad, dessert.

Thus, this is just a way of living my memorable trip and telling my readers as how Switzerland engulfed me in its beauty and left my eyes twinkling and gleaming. I swooned with happiness and joy like never before.

The countryside view

However, a lot depends on the weather when you make the trip and especially when its Europe the summers and winters can be totally different. (In summers, its sunny till eight and bright till nine in the evening while in winters its begins to get dark by four in the afternoon.) In summers the boat cruises are available but winters have their own attractions.  It offers a chance to go sledging as well.

Swiss Alps

Mia, At the Top

I am sure the pictures have done rest of the talking.

We stayed at Hotel Holiday Inn, close to the airport. Would definitely recommend it.

Happy Traveling!!!!

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  1. The hotel Holiday Inn is indeed a nice place for accommodation. The rooms are spacious, bright, and comfortable. The bathroom was modern and pristine. The view from the window was amazing.

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