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I am searching still…

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I, an independent and complete word in itself.

A poem around ‘ I ‘


I cried hard and they declared I was born,

In pain, in pool of blood, smiled a sweet face,

I recognized not her, not anyone,

Outside the womb, I liked the lights,

Everything around seemed magical,

Soon I saw some happy faces around me,

They hugged me, kissed me,

But all I did was I cried and I slept.

Gradually I crawled and then ran in few years,

I was known as a girl,

My parents fondly gave me a name too,

I felt safe and protected in their presence,

They loved me and pampered me,

And soon I was addicted to their love.

The world to me was them,

And I was the apple of their eye.

A few years more, I studied and played,

I was innocent and had been growing on Cindrella and Snow White,

I fancied dreamland and fairy lands,

It was all about love around me,

But as the days grew on me I realized,

Things were complex,

Not everyone loved everyone,

More than ‘us’ everyone loved talking about I,

Soon I learnt my things to say too.

There was a race, there was confusion,

Everyone was chasing the unending, the unknown,

Was it desire?

I wanted to hear my inner voice,

I did not want to join the crowd,

But what I wanted did not always happen,

They said it was God who had planned for I

I soon wanted to know,

Who am I? Why was my purpose here on earth?

I frantically looked for my answer,

And I searched…

And I am searching…

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