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10 Questions I hate being asked

“No, I am not bitter, I am not hateful, and I am not unforgiving. I just don’t like you.” 

C. JoyBell C.


HATE is not a great word to know but we often experience it.  Hatred is a strong emotional dislike, detest for people, nagging behavior, their things or ideologies. Many a times it is not about hate but something close to it or beyond it but we club it all together.  The best way we adopt to react to this feeling is that we keep away from all those habits and people whom we hate, Don’t we?  But what about those who love you more than you hate… They never mend their ways and also never forget to give you reasons to hate them more…Thus, Hate has a funny side too….

10 Questions I hate being asked

  • When I was young, I really hated this one when they asked me…‘ Whom do you love more, Mumma or Daddy? ‘ Its so tough to answer this one… how can you choose between your two eyes… I never ever ask this one to any child…
  • Exams have never been fun for anybody but the moment the grueling thing came to end, everyone pounced on us asking one question without fail ‘How was the paper?’  I literally dreaded this question.  To add a funny side to it, I had created a unique answer too, ‘ The paper was black and white, I was expecting colored one.’
  • Ofcourse, I am a single child and mostly those who  knew always had this ask…. ‘ You don’t want a brother or a sister?’   No Aunty, I really don’t want anyone to share my parents’ love, please… I am so good being the apple of their eye.
  • ‘How are you?’ is another fake question that really irritates me. How often do we answer it truthfully? I hate it most when my Boss comes up with this question because I really can’t tell him that I am not good because of him.
  • Whats your age?  Omg! Please spare me with this….I am still too young..

  • I write my Dad’s name as my last name and I refuse to remove it even after my marriage. My hubby has never insisted on it too…. Now what bothers others is that they never forget to ask me ‘What is your surname?’  Is it really so important to know what caste I belong to….or have been married into?
  • Post marriage, there is a new one that has been doing its rounds since I live with my in laws…. ‘How do you get along with your husband’s parents?’ Why does anyone bother anyways, is it so hard putting up with in laws.. not really.
  • Two+ years and the number of days have been on an increase since I have been married,  the worried neighbors, aunties and my relatives aren’t bothered about me but more interested in knowing when I would have my future baby….. ‘When are you planning a baby Beta? Grown ups, please give me a break… I will go for it when I will want….
  • Hubby has a great way of annoying me too… He knows I hate it but he does it every time… I go to a mall, select a dress and then try it out… Next I am in love with it…I wanna buy it… Since he is not finding it very cool, he will never put it straight way but throw volley of questions at me… Are you sure you wanna buy it? Do you really wanna buy it? Don’t you have too many of the same color? Now thats so irritating..I hate him for this habit…and at times I walk out of the shop without buying the dress at all…
  • The latest one happened a few months back and its fresh in my mind… Lately I have put on some weight and I am sure my friend could see that clearly but when it came to put that to use she simply forgot. While I was buying the shirt, pat came a question…‘Hey, why are you taking an L size… ? My dear I know you have a S figure but don’t embarrass me please… I hated her for being so insensitive…


Don’t shy to share your most hated question….

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6 thoughts on “10 Questions I hate being asked

  1. Comedian Paul Reiser once made a joke about that. He said no matter what age you are, someone’s always asking when you’re going to do something. “When are you going to get married?” “When are you going to have kids?” Eventually, when you’re old, they stop asking questions because the only question is, “When are you going to die!”

  2. I can’t believe people asked you who was your favorite between your mum or dad, much less any of the other questions! Good for you for keeping your name when you got married…I wish more women would do that.

    My hubby and I kept our names separate for 6 years, and then we decided to hyphenate together. I wouldn’t do it unless he would.

    Stopping by from the A to Z
    Marie at

  3. Haha! The recent one that kills me is people asking my 4 year old girl ‘Don’t you love Barbie? ‘Grrrr… Why? ? Can’t girls play with Lego sets??

  4. Me too, I hate being asked bout’ exams, age, whom do I love, and of course, when I am tying the ur list of hate stuffs, Manjulika:)

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