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Product : Sunsilk Perfect Straight Shampoo & Conditioner
Net Vol : 80 & 90 ml respectively
MRP : Rs. 56 each

Packaging— Thumps up for the purple color of the bottles. I found them very attractive. 

Tagline-– Straight baal lock karo, rock karo.   The tagline calls for appreciation.  Its very catchy and definitely sell-able.

The ClaimYou use, you get Perfect straight hair, and next you rock!! 

Really?We, the members of the Indi blogger family always have the privilege to review the latest products of the Hair-care industry.  And hence here is the latest one from the Sunsilk family. Once we register on the Indi-site, the courier is always awaited. This time I was looking forward to test the straight hair challenge.

My Hair: I had always had straight hair but in the last few years they have started to become little wavy. And I really miss my silky, soft , straight look. I have always loved my hair being admired and now its been losing the effect. I believe the first thing that a person notices after the face is your hair and a good hair adds charm and confidence to your outlook. Hair matters for me.

My Expectations : Freedom from entanglements and frizz in the hair for sure and the perfect straight look that I had been missing for the last few years and as claimed by the new Sunsilk. Basically I want my shampoo to save me from the bad hair days because straight hair are easy to manage and definitely become worth flaunting. Apart from that what I look from my shampoo usually is that it should free me from grease and dirt.

The Experiment and the Experience: Once I had the shampoo, it was time to test it. Lets have a follow up.

  • I soaked my hair because wetting makes the process of shampooing easy.
  • A little massage with the fingers to help my hair free from knots.
  • Applied the shampoo till it had the lather,  had to use it twice. The shampoo smelled nice and fruity.
  • Then I washed the shampoo to move on to the conditioner.
  • Conditioner’s application was gentle, only on the hair not till the scalp.
  • And next I washed it all, looking forward to a silky day.
  • I let it dry patiently.

All the time I had a good smell around me, thanks to the shampoo. After a few hours, when my hair had dried up, I combed them. I must say they felt easy and came down with one comb from top to bottom. The waviness did disappear a little but not to the core.  My hair had won some straightening effect, however not absolutely straight. Combing had become easy and I felt my hair felt light. In comparison to the shampoo that I usually use, the hair did not seem to complain much nor me. But the straightening formula did not really get locked. Hope the formula gets a little more straightened up. And if dint create the much needed impact on my hair, obviously the curly and permed hair will not be benefited at all. But I am sure a little less entangled they will feel.

I would rate it as 5/10 for straightening impact that it could create but overall the shampoo wins 6.5 on 10. This is after I felt that the shampoo did not impact my hair in any harmful way and it really made my hair feel soft and a little straight too.

Not a sponsored one at all but my own experience.

This Post is a part of IndiBlogger‘s review program for Sunsilk Perfect Straight Contest.

Happy Blogging!!!

🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

P.S.:   I tweeted for Sunsilk– If I had straight hair, one comb down and all my mental cross-wire and stress would drop.  Bliss it would be! 


  1. Good for you that you got some results with the shampoo… my hair were just the same even after regular usage!

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