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One day, one life changing challenge… Accepted and Won!!!

Anurag Basu presents Sunsilk RealFM

A movie inspired by the spirit of Sunsilk girls who are ready to take on any challenge with a ‘Go for it’ attitude!

Inspiring theme, isn’t it? I loved the movie and took many lessons from this one. Are you game for it?

I am still warm in my heart after watching the exclusive screening of the Movie Sunsilk Real FM by a event organized by Indiblogger yesterday.  Friday evening, with quite much posing, popcorn and cola couldn’t be better  than this.

In Just One Line : Positive themes of ‘youthfulness’, ‘be a go getter’,  ‘stand united and be unique’, ‘just follow your heart’, and ‘music can connect everyone’ have been splendidly encapsulated in this perky and cute movie.

Sunsilk Real FM:  The title was the first thing that appealed to me. Two well known brands put together to give a name, nothing more needed. The movie echoed the youthful spirit  of both of them.  We know girls love Sunsilk and Real FM is a hit amongst youngsters. I must say I quite liked this unique branding play. MTV India and Hindustan Unilever Ltd. have come together to bring  a mixed bag of six movies inspired by different HUL brands, this one is the first movie to be aired from 23rd March.


The story gets rolling without a hitch. It starts on a real note when a radio station owner is struggling to keep his business going. While he is running into too many losses and debts, the workers and strengths decide to quit. This leads him into a heart attack. So now when everyone’s lost hope about Radio Station’s future, his daughter refuses to let go. She pitches in to give the last shot. Instead of crying over the lost battle, she charges out confidently to make the best of the accidental chance that she gets of running the Radio station.

With two more friends by her side, she gets an unconditional support which gets her rocking through her way. The challenge is accepted and the radio station goes live. They just don’t manage it but turn it into a shining star with great ideas.


The personal touch, the innovative ideas, roping in creative talents, the passion to sail through, the zeal to prove their point and their go getting attitude gets them sweep it off beautifully. There is soulful music and hilarious well timed moments to enthrall and entertain the audience. I must say not a dull moment at all. None goes home without getting inspired. I had many sweet memories and useful learning’s to take from the movie. Lets ponder over them together…

The movie reminds us of many beautiful things of life….and also many things that we must imbibe.

1. In the wake of an emergency, don’t panic….

Rhea, the protagonist, a 22 yr old girl cries only once in the hour of distress, rest she maintains peace. In fact she diverts her energy to get things going. When her father is hospitalized after heart attack, she makes all efforts to run his dwindling radio station. So remember, be calm in the hours of panic! When emergency strikes, remember its God’s way of testing our patience. Handle the tough hours intelligently.

2. Friends are savior in hours of need..Give them the best always.. They Rock!

One must reach out to friends in the times when you need them, and when they need you don’t stay away. Give your best always. Friends are one set of people who rarely ask for much but when they do they must be given in full. Friends are for forever and they have a great role to play in our life. They understand our smiles and cries best..

3. Technology thrives in today’s world… Don’t shy to Google out anything

The girls make the best use of internet. They did not know anything about the music station but in no time they cracked it all over Google. Later in the movie, the girls made the best of technology, they reached out to friends on social media via twitter and facebook.

4. Give it back to the guy straight, don’t fear!

If the guy hurts your father and backs out to help, give him a harsh one. Tit for tat is necessary. Girl, fear not, you can do much on your own. Keep moving, the guy who loves you will realize soon what he has lost. If he doesn’t, better you got rid of the loser..

5. Have the Confidence,  believe in your own strength to move towards your goal

There may be many instances when you may feel helpless, but don’t give up.  Just believe in yourself. The girls acted very confident and did not waste a minute in assimilating their beautiful ideas. The goal became simpler indeed!! There were panicky situations but they did not lose cool. Always remember with confidence, half the battle is already won. And eventually everyone comes to offer a helping hand.

6. Unique ideas always win, Think differently….

The girls thought it really well and unique that bringing music from all the states of India would echo with the spirits of Independence Day.  Absolutely a winning and soulful idea. The musical treat from all the states of India, offered in the movie was a treat to the ears. Music thrived!

7. We are all Indians, though we live in different states we are all equal…. dare not mistreat anyone!

Some people look different, some have different lingos but then aren’t we all unique in ourselves then why racist remarks? At the end of the day we are all Indians. The different states have their own folk and traditional history, lets respect it. The girls in the money have used music/singers of each state in a beautiful way to unite us together. Nothing should divide us. None should utter Chinki, South Indian, North Indian etc.. Stop Racism.

8. Be yourself… at your home, at your work, at your creativity!

I loved it when Rhea suggested the stand up comedian ‘ Be yourself’. Don’t try to imitate others. Absolutely well said. One should be natural and should not copy others. Be creative in your own way. And like our Mr. C.A. in the movie who learns to mock at his own profession. The movie has much to tickle your funny bone. Hilarious dialogues led to guffaws.

9. Challenges are part of life, lets deal with them eye to eye

Everything happens to teach us a lesson. Challenges come in life to make us wiser. Lets face them head on. The movie teaches us well that there is no point in crying over the spilled milk. The daughter of the Radio station owner proves it. She with her other two lovely friends just rock the show…they accept the twist and turn of life with confidence… Watch the movie for more!!!

10.  Let your children follow their talents… It never too late to let them fly…

So the tyrant father of one of the friend’s realizes that he should have let his daughter follow her singing passion.  I loved her voice. Being from the state of Uttarakhand, she sang the last song  beautifully ..Hear the song below and I bet you will want to play it again.


Few story makers are as fascinating as Anurag Basu. Kudos to the actors and the team effort!!! We actually need meaningful movies like this one.

I always have smileys to give to every book, product, movie I review.

Smileys won by the movie:   🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

I couldn’t resist writing a review for the movie Sunsilk RealFM after attending its Preview from Indiblogger.

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