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#TravelDiary: Me So Happi in Mumbai


Mumbai is always very refreshing for me. It gives me a great change from the mundane in Delhi.  I love coming back here again and again. This year Mumbai has been very welcoming to me. Its just the fourth month, and already its my third trip here. The last two visits were not big and merely about 2 days but this time I am here for a week. Yes, I am blogging from Mumbai.

This time Mumbai has been more about leisure, fun and food. No doubt, last two visits have their own good memories. First time I was invited over by TAT, New Delhi to attend the launch of ‘Discovering Thainess’ Campaign and second time I was here as the winner of #MeetandGreetKangana blogging contest and I met Kangana Ranaut. Both the trips had been hectic not giving me much time to do what I usually love doing here most.

What do I love doing in Mumbai?

Traveling means happiness for me. And Mumbai means lots of it because here my fun revolves around my friend and family-Laxmi. She is a great buddy and hubby and I simply love coming to meet her. Whatever I know about Mumbai is because of her and she is pretty well versed with the city.  With her I always get to eat at interesting places and shop at fashionable outlets. Apart from that,  maximum number of night outs that I have done in my life have been in Mumbai. In the day, Mumbai is crowded because it does not have roads like Delhi but in the Night it has a life unlike Delhi. We usually go out for long drives and hang outs with my hubby, Laxmi and other friends.

This Monday when I landed…

Monday evening, when I landed in Mumbai, it was already 9:30 p.m. Hubby (who is already here in Mumbai due to his professional commitments), Laxmi and another chirpy friend Sneha gave me a warm welcome as they came to receive me at the airport. After the bear hugs, it was time to rock and roll. They tucked my luggage in the car and soon we were ready to zip around the Mumbai lanes.

Soon I declared I am super hungry and next we knew was that we were headed to   the Bandra-Khar-Santacruz stretch and Laxmi was taking us to a new chic café called ‘Me So Happi’. I quite liked the positive name because happiness is most sought after in todays times. Also food just make happy, atleast to me it does. Thus, we all zeroed on it until we were right there. The moment we entered, the suspended bulbs adoring the roof in a linear and the high seating stools caught my attention first. We settled down comfortably and got back to our chit chats. Soon an interesting suitcase shaped cut out which read ‘menu’ was on the table.

Me So Happi…

Unlike many eateries in Mumbai, this one did not seem cramped too.  Since it was already 10.30 when we landed there, deciding on the food happened spontaneous. Since three of us wanted vegetarian, Sneha ordered a chicken burger for herself and we ordered a lasagne, some noodles and an interesting south African dish made from bread and curry (Bunny Chow). There were several global delicacies wrapped up under interesting names in the menu card.


While we awaited the food, looking around the restaurant felt refreshing and nostalgic. The décor was quite quirky and  kismi toffees in the jar and love, happiness, joy reminders were pleasing. Though I felt some corners of the restaurant needed fresh brush of paint. The interior settings were unique and chairs were comfortable.


When food arrived on the table, the bread bowl of Bunny Chow just stood out for all of us. It was unique food art and something that I had seen or eaten for the first time. The bread was soft and tasty as we ate and the curry was yum. Even the chicken burger was freshly done. Appitini was refreshing. Lasagne tasted right nothing extraordinary though. The Big Bowl of noodles wasn’t big as the name suggested though it came with an interesting curry that tasted nice. Overall, we liked the food and shared happy moments at ‘Me So Happi’.

This food experience in Mumbai was fun. Well, I wouldn’t recommend it on my one visit but whatever we ordered was yum. Do go for ‘Happy times.’

Address- Ground Floor, Kusum Kunj building, Main Khar Linking Road, Opp city bank,Khar West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400052

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