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Health comes first! Lets get preventive

Health is wealth

Today I will begin my blogpost by posing a very simple question to my readers.

How important is health to you?

I am sure none of you will forget to add a ‘Very’ to ‘Important’.

But I am not convinced honestly because as Indians we are very ignorant about our most important asset- Health. I say this because even in today’s time when expenses have sky-rocketed, people refrain from saving for their medical needs of future. Critical illness insurance is the last thing and for some it’s not even there on the ‘To do’ list. I wouldn’t predict a bad health for anyone ever but at one point of time it becomes difficult to ignore the body ailments. Even though one may be a great fitness enthusiast, with age everyone frails out.

The times and things around us have undergone a huge change. The kind of life we lead has no time to stand and stare. The quality of food that we intake is of low level, pollution of all kinds has seeped in our environment and stress has paralysed our life, all of this leading to several health issues. No doubt we have become more technologically advanced over the years but at the same time there has been an increase in the number of critical diseases as well. The basic care and expenses are easy to live through but when severe illness strikes it becomes a liability. Then, along with emotional pangs, financial stress hits us strongly.


But with problems, there come solutions too. Many critical illness insurance plans are finding their buyers. Recently, I came across hashtag #Criticare and tweeted using it too. Edelweiss Tokio Life, a life insurance company which is a joint venture of Edelweiss Financial Services and Tokio Marine Holdings Inc. has come up with a great campaign to support cancer patients. For every tweet with the hashtag #Criticare, they promise to donate Rs. 50 for needful patients. I think we should all spread the word about this.


To tell you more, they offer Criticare a non-linked health plan that insures one against 17 critical illnesses. Looking at the list of diseases it promises to cover, it is no less than a life support in times of need. A very useful aspect of this product is that under its multi claim option, one can avail its advantage no less than three times and also use it for other illnesses. There is a lump sum benefit on the diagnosis of the critical disease too and after the first claim, there is a waiver on the future premiums. Here I must also tell you that one should not forget to take benefit of these insurances in the year-end savings and tax calculation. Like all critical illness insurance policies this one too comes with its own set of terms and conditions which must be read very carefully before buying so that one is aware of all its benefits and advantages.


I would suggest slow your pace, introspect and sit down to think about health. Let us dedicate a small amount towards our future through life insurance plans. Why should we wait to feel the pinch when physical trauma hits us or someone close in the family? Let’s think and plan for our family before-hand because we and our dear ones deserve preventive care.

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