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2 and a half hours of Adventure, Zipline and Fun at Flying Squirrels

The surroundings are beautiful at Flying Squirrels in Chiang Mai

Adventurous… Not me!

Back home when I told everyone in my family that I did 17 Ziplines on treetops and canopies in my recent visit to Thailand, they all looked at me in shock and surprize.  Honestly, I am too delicate in their eyes. The truth is I do not plunge in these acts because I feel scared.  Whenever I have tried to act brave, butterflies in my stomach have made me believe that such acts are not my cup of tea.  Paragliding is  the most adventurous activity that I have done before and I remember it had not come easy to me. That day in Chiang Mai, I did not know that some fears were about to be conquered. Now, I can boldly say Extreme Adventures can be done even by the not so brave!

Welcome at Flying Squirrels The real Zipline adventure longest and highest in Thailand as rated by tripadvisor

Not just posing, I did fly

What made me go for it?

Zip lining was not new to me. I had done it during an outbound session when my team had gone to Corbett National Park.  But it was hardly 100 meter. Here at flying squirrels the whole adventure session was made of 32 stations which consisted of 17 ziplines.   When I heard seventeen and a few more tricky things to be done, I almost freaked out and gave up on the idea of going their way.  I asked them if I could do just a handful of them but the boys in the team wanted to do all and the group had to go together. Of course I did not want to spoil the fun for the others thus I thought of opting out of it completely but my team members did not let me do so. I was inspired by fellow travel blogger- Mridula Dwivedi who was excited to go for it and she encouraged me too. She said- Nothing would happen. Another lady, June – Manager at Flying Squirrels was not taking a No in any case. She insisted that I must take this adventure because it was absolutely safe, highly adventurous and uniquely different kind of experience.

The Paradise of Extreme Fun Lovers The kids were so excited to be here… All geared up. This adds to the confidence June (Manager at Flying Squirrels) in the centre with our group

The adrenaline rush and fear conquers happen this way….

The 32 platforms are as below:

17 Ziplines, the longest one with being 600 meters
1 Abseilling
1 Hilltribe Swing Bridge
1 Zodiac Bridge
1 Tarzan Jumping
1 slider
1 Bicycle ride
1 Sky walk on the Burmese bridge
6 Walking bridges
2 Spider and Cargo climbing net
1 Skateboard

Yes, when I had done it all, I felt happy, confident as well as proud of myself. It was one exhilarating day and memorable experience for a lifetime.

This  fascinating green Thai jungle was  not exactly a rainforest but quite close to it.  The safety gears were great and the guides were absolutely dependable.

Zipling can be so much fun, never thought so

When we were about to start the longest one – 600 meter zipline Scaling the bridge in the forests

Half way through…All set to do more.. Bicycling was too much fun, nothing to be scared about but initially this was one of the activities that was giving me jitters From the other side, it does look scary Pong and Krishna- The trained guides who made me do it all. They were fun and happy chaps .

Its not just adventurous, its lots of fun!

Whenever I questioned Pong about the next activity, ‘

‘Will this one be scary? Please give me an easy slide’

He would always smile and reply… ‘No, its gonna be funny’

Well, now I know what he meant. He  meant that it would give lot of fun and joy to me after accomplishing the activity. Indeed, at every next step, I felt better and confident.

Flying Squirrels, Zipline Adventure in Chiang Mai Thailand is undoubtedly an experience not to miss. Like monkeys, we jumped, swinged from one pend to another. There were some short lines, some big, some walks and some bridges to do. All in all, it is a great setup put together by adventure experts.

What more happens at Flying Squirrels?

Thai Luncheon that follows

My platter…

Tees we get to keep!

After one returns to the base station, there is a Thai buffet waiting for everyone. You get the tees to keep and also there is a picture of yours along with a group pic. Its all inclusive in the fees.  The scenic beauty around makes it a great place to settle down, eat and talk over lunch, and discuss about everything you did during the 32 activities. When our pictures came, we were almost into splits because most of us had hilarious expressions to flaunt of.

 So here I gave you another reason to visit Chiang Mai in Thailand!

Thank you Mridula Ma’am for my pictures.

Happy Traveling…

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  1. I have experienced my first zip line adventure at Flying Fox Neemrana. It was a thrilling adventure flying over the fort palace and have an amazing view of the whole city on 5 zip lines.

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