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All about my experience at ‘The Artful Baker’

It was a happy Sunday yet again. After the lovely Tea trail experience with Le Meridien in the morning , I chose to go shopping at Saket with my blogger friend Ragini. Girls love to shop any day, anytime and when its raining discounts, its super hard to resist. Well, more than splurging on dresses, we had another reason to head that way. Like we love to travel, we love to experiment interesting food items as well.  Yes, you got it right, there was an invitation to savor the delights of ‘The Artful Baker – Cafe Patisserie Boulangerie’ and we had decided to take it up. Yes, it was slated to be a sweet and sinful Sunday.

Cakes, croissants, breads, Pastries– Who wants some?

When we were tired shopping, we started to walk towards the bakery location. It was easy to locate.  We walked from DLF to Select city walk and then it easy to head towards the level 2. My Square is the name of the food court and there on the left, there lay a cute little shop which read ‘The Artful Baker’.

Find your way here!


Square, Select City, Saket

We started by meeting the two people at the counter who helped us with our queries and food orders. The Menu board was hung on the right side and the trays of pastry’s and macaroons were right in front. The sweet treats looked great behind the glasses, hygienically showcased in the closed food racks.  The menu was small and precise, full of variety which really helped us to decide our picks super fast. The customers were helping themselves with their orders and we enjoyed looking around. I was curious to know why the menu had no drinks, and thus I was told. This was just a pop up by Patisserie and Boulangerie cafe by Lite Bite Foods, a big shop was about to happen in Khan Market. That would have a wide array of bakers stuff along with drinks too.

From the house of Lite Bite Food, The Artful Baker

Honestly, I was reminded of my Paris trip where the streets are peppered with cute, little, quintessential bakery shops. Each one with a specialized menu and a small sitting area just enough to keep them full all season. In fact, I ate baguettes in Paris for the first time and have been in love with them forever.

For now, its time to check out the bakery in the pictures below.

Nothing about coffee except this! Baguettes and Breads Lemon tart Macarons Sour dough and Herbed chicken Cheese croissant

By this time, my husband had reached the mall and he joined us at the table. Honestly, I don’t have a sweet tooth and I am very choosy but on the contrary he loves to start and end his meal with desserts. Thus he is the person that I love to hang around eateries because he appreciates food better than me. All the more, he is extremely fond of the sweet indulgences. I looked for salty food items for my taste buds. I ordered a Cheese Croissant, Sour dough and herbed chicken and salty macaroons. Ragini and hubby decided to start with Monte Cristo-dark chocolate mousse, Chocolate Muffin with Chocó chips  and Whole Wheat Pesto Paneer Sandwich. I am sure you can make out the difference in our tastes.

Paneer Pesto Sandwich Sandwiches and breads Monte Cristo The Blueberry & Oat Muffin

Whole Wheat Pesto Paneer Sandwich was quite interestingly done. I just had a few bites and I could feel it had an originality in the taste. Since I am fond of chicken, I was more keen on Sour Dough Herbed chicken and absolutely loved it. I had never eaten something like sour dough bread. The bread was hard and crunchy, the way I like my breads. Big chunks of chicken dressed with other ingredients made for its ultimate filling. I liked it more than the vegetarian sandwich.

I just had one bite of Monte Cristo but I quite liked the hazelut-almond base. Hubby dint take a minute to finish it. The best part was that it wasn’t on the higher side of sweetness at all.

The Blueberry & Oat Muffin was sinful and the cheese Cheese croissant melted in my mouth. I loved it softness. It added a balance to my not so sweet-tooth.

Cheese croissants Lemon Tart Paris Brest Three types of Macaroons The best one from the menu—Paris Brest

The macaroons were small in size and looked very cute. They were fresh and soft but  I found them very sweet. If I had to recommend, I would suggest go for the salty macaroon because I quite relished them. It had just the right taste from Europe. ( For the first time, I had eaten macaroons in Norway). Paris Brest impressed us the most. It makes for a perfect dessert if you make a great fan of hazelnuts. It was very proportionately done and the melted chocolate mix in the insides was heavenly. Yes, I loved it too!

Well, the chef was not available to talk to us but I must tell you that all that we chewed on at Artful Baker was hardwork and  artistic creation of Chef Sahil Mehta. He is the brand’s chef and also India’s first Certified Bakery, Pastry and Chocolate Expert from Lenotre, France.

And as far as the prices are concerned, its not gonna make a big hole in the pocket. Hope the rates remain the same in Khan Market too.

‘The Artful Baker ‘pop up was running at My Square ( Food Court ) till August 2, 2015. Now, Khan Market is the place to look for it!

**Lite Bite Foods (LBF) has a vast range of brands like Punjab Grill, Fres Co, Zambar.  Artful Baker is a new entrant to the elite list.

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