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This year, I celebrated my Eid over lavish luncheon and ate my share of Sewaiya (Sweet Vermicilli) at GFF. It was a Sunday and one of the days which I usually keep for an interesting food experience. This time, I accepted the invitation for food tasting at Global Food Factory, Rajouri Garden, Vishal Enclave, Main Najafgarh Road. It was on my mind because I had read about its international cuisines and since its opening it has been a popular destination among my friends too. Not to forget,  I had also read that the restaurant comes up with different Festival buffet themes in global taste every 2 months.

When it comes to complete package-  delicious list of starters, grilled platter, lavish buffet and elaborate choices of sweet dishes, Delhiites often look forward to Barbeque nation or Pirates of grill or Grills n platter. Having been there and done them a number of times, I have had different experience each time I have visited their several branches in Delhi and other cities. Of all I am a Barbeque loyal. Thus, with no preconceived notions and comparisons in my mind, I decided to visit GFF.


As I always say, I am a foodie and every  new food outlet in my city always excites me. Delhi has been the food capital forever and nowadays food re-inventions are in vogue.  There is fierce competition to serve the best from the famous corners of the world. To excel in this league, Global Food factory has pitched itself as one place that serves largest international buffet served in the capital. I am sure you wanna know what comes in the platter.  Yes, I was equally curious before my visit there. Let me start right away… 16 starters, wood fired pizzas, 16 main course, 14 deserts and a variety of soups and salads come in here along with Ala carte menu list.

Well when I entered, it was swarmed with people. Yes, it has less space to itself but I quite liked its seating arrangement in three levels. Most of the seats are on the ground with the wood fired pizza oven in the corner. On the second level, there are few seats and a bar counter at one corner and on the highest level one finds two tables surrounded by high chairs along with the main course and dessert spread. I liked the dark wooden touch to the interiors but for me the music was loud. Conversations over food is important thus I am not fond of anything other than instrumental in the background. It was a festival day and I could see the staff was over-worked because some of their Muslim friends were on leave. (We learnt this from the manager)

Photo clicked from the highest level. Its fun to look down from here


I went for a ‘Italian Job’ in the mocktails and quite liked it.  To go along with it my taste buds were all set for non-veg starters. My husband was a happy man too because he had enough veg starters to flatter his tongue too. We were happy to see wood fired pizza to be a part of the buffet segment. I loved the chicken items and especially Bangkok style chilli chicken. Basil Chiili Thai Fish and Chilli Garlic were equally good in taste. It was good to try Turkish style chicken of the day and Turkish Chicken Shish Wood Fired Pizza.

I thoroughly tasted each and every item on the starters list and went for the repeats of my favorite one’s.

The vegetarians also have enough to bite in. They will not miss anything. Here is what my husband’s plate showed like.

Paneer and Mushoom was yum

I always have the advantage of tasting both and thus I can absolutely vouch for it that the mushrooms and paneer were just too good.  Falafel pitta  and Hummus was a new item and a winner in this section. My other favorites were Turkish Chilli Garlic Bread and Thai Spicy and Chilli Cottage Cheese Rolls.  Hubby is fond of Paneer and thus he went for repeats of Sikandari Paneer Shashlik.

I would love to reiterate that starters here tasted good and I found more variety in comparison to others that I have been a regular to. The theme- Istanbul Lahore Turkey was evident in the names and the preparation of the dishes. I was so high on the starters that I chose to skip the main course. I did wanted to try out the Gosht and Lahori Chicken Biryani.

Bangkok Spicy Chilli Vegetable Veggie Fietsa Wood Fired Pizza

As I mentioned I chose to end my meal with a spoon of Sevai since it was Eid but my husband did go for small bites of the main course. I quite liked the way he helped himself with a salad platter.

The Variety in Salads For the vegetarian- A little bit of everything Desserts are a must for Hubby

I liked the Sevai best of all. They have a few interesting signature dishes on their Ala-Carte list too. Next time when I am back there will go for them for sure. Overall I would rate the place at 3.5 on 5 keeping in mind the ambiance, hospitality. It can easily be a 4 just that I was not impressed with the presentation of the main course. Not the food but way it was lined up did not appeal to me. As  far as taste is considered, Whatever I ate I would rate it 4.5 on 5. The buffet is value for money if you choose to go with friends and family.

In my next visit, I am looking forward to the Oriental classics  with Indian delights along with Mexican street, European doners kebab, Cheesy plates, Factory special Wood fired Pizzas, Legendary Factory burgers and more.

I absolutely agree with what I found just above my table!  “EAT WELL TRAVEL OFTEN’

Happy Dining!!!

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