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Once Upon a Time in Anatolia!

If the title reminds you of the Turkish film ‘Once Upon A Time in Anatolia’ that received appreciations for wide angle shots showing the vastness of the Turkish landscape, I must say I did it intentionally.

But what I wish to convey is also best said in these set of words…. One must upon a time in Anatolia Grill ~ turkish joint, I just fell in love with food.  The authentic Turkish flavors did wonders actually. This restaurant definitely deserves a visit at least once.

An evening meal at a Turkish joint~ Anatolia Grill in Riyadh

Anatolian region is famous for its strategic geographical location and a place is always remembered and associated with its food, people and culture. Turkey is still away, maybe I would visit it some day but indulgence in its culture through its cuisine was indeed joyful.

We saw the restaurant in Dubai in Ibn Batuta Mall but that day we were not meant to have an experience. In a few days when we were hunting a good place to dine in Riyadh, the name Anatolia Grill sprung up. We checked the menu online and could not resist the temptation to grab a meal here. From my previous posts, my readers know that recently I traveled to Riyadh with hubby. Its been different seriously.


Extremely friendly staff, flexible service and the great dining experience definitely deserves a mention and thus I definitely wanted to write about it. Writing a blogpost is a great way of reliving and saving the memories forever. Anyways let me tell you more about  Riyadh, here a female can sit and dine there only when there is a different family section because the single section is only meant for males. Therefore all big and good restaurants have two different sections. When we reached this one, we were ushered in the family section. These cubicles are fun to be, they have a small door which you can close as per your choice. The waiter knocks before placing the order, thats like complete privacy. But this happens only in Riyadh!!! Phew..

The Menu list has difficult names but its fun to read through the elaboration, look at the tempting pictures and then place order. After placing order, we had only one thing to do, to wait till the platter arrives. And when the food arrived, we did no talking but just ate… nothing attracts at all except the food. Seriously, you will have no time to notice anything else.I have never been to a Turkish restaurant before but when you visit this place you will definitely swear by its morsel.  Now, the below pictures will do the talking… Get HUNGRY!!! 🙂

And I must say the sweet dish Kunafa deserves a special mention… Its simply irresistible!!! 

DOLMA: Red bell peppers stuffed with spicy rice and dressed with olive oil

PERDE PILAV : Rice and chicken wrapped under a dough

PEYNIRLE PIDE: Cheese pies

BEYTI KEBAP: A signature dish and very delighting

TAVUK PAPYON:  Chicken rolled with mushrooms, Delicious it is!!!

KUNAFA : A mouthwatering yummy treat with cream

Happy Blogging !!!

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