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Hey Friends!

Happy New Year to all of you!

I have had a great year with Pendown and I wish to thank you all for the support and strength all round the 352 weeks. I am glad that my followers and readers have been increasing and this has been very encouraging. I have crafted many creative articles and have won many blogging contests this year.  I got a chance to cover many Events on my blog and also met several celebrities this year. And  I hope to do better and bigger in 2014…

Four years back, Books, Authors and my love for them was the prime reason that I created Pendown. And with each passing year, books have not left me and my love for them has grown tremendously. Authors are one set of people that I just love to connect with and for this I have extended my love to my other haven WRITERSMELON.

Well read and well traveled person makes a great combo… Wat say? Not to forget my travel stories…. . This year it was Middle East… Traveling made me wiser and better this year too…

Now, lets have a recap on books. Lit-work is happening these days profusely and Indian publishing industry is flying high in magnificent colors. I read 35 books this year. Check my BOOK REVIEW section. Here’s my view on best of 2013 for different reasons.

MY JOURNEY: Transforming Dreams into Actions by A.P.J Kalam

It is a simple and a beautiful book written by the Rocket Man of India. Like his previous books, this one too has realism. It poignantly touches upon human roots, values and connections. Within the pages, Mr. Kalam talks about the people in his life who were absolutely close to him and left an indelible mark in his journey of life. He leads the readers and inspires them to connect with lessons that people and surroundings teach us. In the long run, these teachings help us to brave all adversities in life and with will-power nothing is unachievable. The modesty that speaks out of the individual chapters is amazing. Expect no decorated jargons in here.  I wish to Transform my Dreams into Actions!


Do you believe in the power of dead? Well the rich have enough money to do much for them; the poor can only vouch for his life. I would rate it as one of the best stories that I have read revolving around Rural India where the brother of the poor farmer is the protagonist. This riveting political tale is a story that slaps the non-trustworthy governance and its greedy benefactors straight on the face. The story is built around the issue of farmers taking to suicides after failed crops. It’s inspiring to read that the poor have the courage to bring revolutions; however, the loss is always on their side. This time both sides lose and justice is done for some. SHOES of the DEAD

THE TEST OF MY LIFE by Yuvraj Singh

This book is a startlingly honest memoir of one of the most happening Indian cricketer, Yuvraj Singh. It is his tryst with the most deadly disease Cancer and his win over the odd and deadly. Readers get to read about his anecdotes in connection with his becoming a cricketer to the lonely and depressing moments that he spent in Indianapolis for the cancer treatment. He accepts his pain of dealing with cancer each day, his fear of losing the battle and his realization towards turning into a patient suddenly when everything had turned out so perfect for him. A compelling read it is!! This is a story of 3Cs, a celebrity, a cricket champion and a cancer patient told in simple, lucid and honest words. The Test of My Life

INDIA UNLIMITED: Stories from a Nation Caught between Hype and Hope by Kulpreet Yadav

One big story of 200 pages is not your cup of tea and you love reading short stories then this collection of short stories is meant for you. This book captures Indian-ness in many aspects.

31 vibrant stories have variety to offer and they thrive around the trivialities of love, life and drama. The stories are lucid, simple and elegant, having nothing flashy about them at all. And the best comes when you hit the climax; each one takes you for a twist in the tale and leaves a savouring flavour for long. INDIA UNLIMITED by KULPREET YADAV

English Bites! My Fullproof English Learning Formula by Author Manish Gupta

The author, Manish Gupta has put forth his own story of learning and mastering English, a subject so vast, in a unique style. I must say, I never thought a self-help book on a subject could be written so smoothly and effectively. My penchant for the subject made me enjoy the book in full vigor. In today’s age where English is becoming quite a mandate, this book deserves a definite read. I bet it is going to inspire you, teach you and the best of all, it will help you evolve in the subject, which does not BITE at all… Go for it… Cheers!!! Book Review: English Bites!

Other Five that were Really Really Good…. I loved them too!!






* Last two reviews will be up soon. I ended my last week of December reading these… the reviews are pending on me!!! Stay Tuned my lovelies!!!  🙂 🙂 🙂

Happy Blogging in 2014

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