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Vaango Time : Mini Dosas, Vada Pav and Tropical Tamarindo

If the mention of tangy Tamarind drink, filter coffee,  Idli Chaat, lip smacking Mini Dosa Rolls and hot-chilly Vada Pav secretes juices and makes you hungry, do read below to virtually feast yourself on an array of South Indian dishes.

I am a rice loving person and thus always in look out for for South Indian restaurants if on a vegetarian treat. What makes them my favorite is they feel light on the stomach and are low on calorie. They are equally rich on variety and have many ingredients to play with the flavors. Rice, coconut, urad dal,  peanuts, gun powder, chilies, tamarind, fenugreek seeds, curry leaves, etc together make South Indian dishes very attractive for me. More than the sambhar, I am fond of rasam and the chilli Buttermilk with the tadka is my all time favorite.

I am sure the slide show above made you drool over the tempting platters. It was all very attractive and yummy. I must appreciate the food styling and presentation work. I quite liked their play-around with colors with the use of gun powder and different chutneys. As they say food travels from our eyes to the taste buds to reach the stomach, I must say Vaango knows how to impress its customers with the first look of the food.

To start with, I met the manager at desk. He was a young chap who was very cordial and warm. Once I had settled down, I interacted with him about the crowd and their preferences. He told me that this outlet always buzzes with crowd because it caters to office crowd and there is no dearth of people who find their taste in South Indian delicacies. Later, he suggested I must go for the new summer drinks first. We ordered for the Tropical Tamarindo and Minty Paradise. The third one that Vaango has recently added to their menu is chilled filter coffee.

The glasses were served with covered lids but I opened them to take the pictures. I sipped both of them and it was quite easy to tell that the left one was tamarindo and right one was minty paradise.  Both were very refreshing.  In fact the minty paradise reminded me of the mint chutney that my Mum prepares in this season. We went for another round of each of them.

The New Drinks Beat The Heat- New Summer Drinks

While I was sipping on the drinks, I ordered for the Vada Pav which is new on their menu. Along with that I was also very keen on their idli chaat and vada chaat.  While I scanned the menu card, I was very glad to find mini dosa and mini uttapam options. There are many times when I have wanted to eat both in other South Indian restaurants but their large servings make it difficult to gorge on both or one has to go for South Indian platter which consists of the mini versions.

What arrived on our table soon got us very hungry.

Vada Pav with the Mirchi

Next time when you are missing Mumbai’s Vada pav, you can always go here and grab a bite. My taste buds savor spicy food thus it was all good for me but my sis-in-law found it tad spicy.  I wouldn’t rate as the best Vada pav that I have ever eaten but in Delhi, it definitely makes a great combination- yummy, best priced and easily available.

The Dahi vada and Idli Chaat looked super yum. Idli almost melted in the mouth and I liked it in its new avatar minus the sambhar.  My sis-in-law found her love in the deep crunchy vada all soaked in the yogurt and  colorful chutney. This was just the right thing to mellow down the spiciness off the plate. All this while I was enjoying my  Buttermilk because that’s one thing I totally luvvv. Oh yes, I was eyeing the mini dosa rolls and the Uttapams which were right there on our table.

Vada Chaat Idli Chaat I found my love in Mini Dosas Uttampams rubbed with gun powder were crunchy and tasted nice with the coconut chutney Buttermilk Curd Rice to get even with the chilly and spiciness all around on the table

Vaango is a Quick service restaurant and one of the ventures of the Devyani International. I was really happy with the hygiene, ambiance and services. They were really quick with the service.

I would definitely recommend the Vada Pav, the Chaats and the Mini Dosa Rolls. Not because I have a soft corner for Dosa, I genuinely loved it in its mini version. The masala felt just right on my taste buds. The Curd rice was not impressive. As far as the desserts are concerned do not miss on any.

So now when you are at the food court, its not always necessary to dine in at the expensive places. Also when we take our parents out, we can always take them to Vaango if they love to go for authentic South Indian. Many a times we may spend a lot of money on food and beverages but rarely do we take back good food memories and flavors. At Vaango, you get value for money and an experience too.

I visited the joint at Food Court, Cyber Hub- Gurgaon

Here the breakfast options at Rs. 39 really caught my eye. Its a super idea especially when there are offices all around and many of us skip breakfasts to make it early to our workplaces.

I have heard that a new variant- Oreo chocolate dosa is available is GIP, Noida outlet. Next time when I am there I will definitely go for it.  Well, that’s not it Vaango has an elaborate menu from Malabar parantha, utthapam, upma, tamarind rice payassam, Hyderabadi biryaani, lemon rice, rasam to many other interesting combinations.


Vaango means ‘Come In’


                                                 Idli and Dosas have a history too

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