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In Photos: When OYOxplorer traveled from Delhi to Goa!

On Monday, I returned from my 2 days Goa trip (6th-8th June). This trip had come as a prize  to me because I had won a twitter contest organized by OYO rooms for bloggers. It was a part of a blogathon campaign and I was chosen as an #OYOxplorer.   Goa is a beautiful place and there can be uncountable excuses to visit it again and again.  When I get such opportunities as a travel blogger, I really feel blessed and lucky and I never forget to thank  ‘Travel God’.

I boarded my plane from Delhi Airport at 11 a.m. and reached Goa by 2 p.m. I always prefer the window seat and I may not explain why because there are more than one advantages of lapping it.  The pictures below will take you on a virtual flight to Gorgoeus Goa.

Its Spicejet I boarded you know now

The blue was intense and so beautifully separated from the cottony white sky.

I ordered some Chicken Sandwich because I was too hungry

The sandwich was quite cheesy and I felt guilty but I ate it till the end  😉

The clouds or the cotton fluffs look so beautiful in the sky

The clouds have always fascinated me as child and even now they do so much to me.

The Gorgeous Green around Goa  because we are still not there

The announcements comes that we have reached Goa and in sometime we will be landing. Here I look outside my window to get the first view of the city. The houses appear as cute, little dwellings from the top.

The Aerial View of Goa is a mix of green and brown

The beautiful sea line is yet to appear!

As the plane descends, the aerial view becomes more clear When the plane made its way to the run-way! The separation of the land and the sea A beautiful sight that made my day!

The blue roof, the blue sky and the blue sea together filled my heart with joy.

See we have just tiptoed at the runway! The Goa Airport

Every time I am in Goa, its a beautiful feeling. I feel like a explorer. How about being a modern Vasco Da Gama?

The picture above gives a glimpse of being an  OYOxplorer in Goa!                            

Stay tuned to my posts!

All photos and the videos have been done with the use of Zenphone 6.  #Smartphonephotography

Happy Traveling!!!

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