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Hybrid Launch Party at Tolstoy lane



                                  Priyank Sukhija launches Hybrid in Delhi

Its been four days that I have been away from the blog but I am back with interesting stories from Delhi’s  new  food-joint Hybrid at Tolstoy lane,  Agra’s iconic footwear company-Alberto Torresi and Goa’s OYO rooms at Candolim beach. My weekends are super fun than the weekdays and I usually go grooving right from Friday.  From food, lifestyle to travel I love my Blogging assignments, engagements and experiences. Last week I had chosen to remain indoors but this week it was all about being outside home. So lets get talking how my blog experienced 3 events in 4 days. Not just it, the trip to Goa became more fun because I was lucky enough to experience the first rains of Goa too.  


To give a respite to Delhi people, here I bring a picture of Monsoons in Goa

Well on Friday night Hubby and I attended Hybrid launch party. At Tolstoy Lane, the party circuit of Delhi chilled out with friends over tasty bites and drinks on the house. Hybrid is yet another new concept of famous restaurateur  Priyank Sukhija. I was part of the fun night and I have some pictures to share too. On Saturday, I had two invites, first I was expected to go to Agra for a FAM trip and visit the factory of Alberto Torresi, a shoe company and second I had been selected by OYO rooms to come over to Goa to experience traveling on a budget. Of course I couldn’t be at both the places but my blog made it to both. Thanks to my hubby, he agreed to go to Agra early morning at 7 even though we had partied till 1 in the night at HYBRID.  I had my flight to Goa at 9 a.m. so I left the house almost at the same time.

Stories of Agra and Goa will follow definitely but for now lets talk about Hybrid, the new food joint that has much to do with its name. Its called Hybrid because Its an open air cafe in the morning,  gradually it takes shape of a restaurant in the afternoon and in the night it becomes more of a clubbing and partying place. Thus, it gives different food experiences through the day.

Hybrid: The interiors glowed in the yellow lights

Reaching CP was easy and locating Tolstoy Lane took some minutes more because we missed the right turn. Soon we were there and the crowd around the new restaurant gave us a cue that we were at the right place. Soon Hybrid was readable from a distance and we parked our car. At 9: 30 p.m. finding a parking space was not a problem but in sometime this was going to be the most difficult thing. There was guest list to qualify to make an entry. I easily located my name and we headed in making our way through the guests who had all gathered to celebrate.


As we walked in, we found a big lounge area in the inside. A long bar station was on the left. There were two seating arrangements. One at the ground level and another at a little elevation. It was already taken by people. The Delhi social circuit was buzzing with energy. The drinks were flowing and the food was complementing the fun. People were trying out different dishes and the hospitality team was at their best. Soon we joined the party gang too and helped ourselves with non-alcoholic drinks. (Teetotalers we are) The food came in at our table soon. I tried chicken dishes too apart from the below pictures that will salivate you.


Mushroom cheesy balls


Paneer Tikka


Garlic Breads with toppings


There were interesting veg and non veg pizzas too


In the next hour, the large space was full of people. In fact when we walked up to the open cafe on the roof, even that was full and more guests were still walking in. The music was foot tapping. While the beats and the tunes kept the audience entertained, the drone camera  clicked pictures around the lounge. Hubby and I enjoyed our second fillings too. Thank God we were done with eating because soon the atmosphere became too stuffy and it was difficult to find a space for one self. The moment food arrived, people almost went berserk to grab the platter. Friday night had turned into a frenzy night for them. It is always the most relaxing night because its starts off the weekend. To add to the fun drinks and food was on the house here so nothing could keep the Delhi people away from partying hard at HYBRID at Tolstoy Lane.

Overall I enjoyed the evening and I am looking forward to visit it soon. A food review is always on my cards because for me more than a drink, it is the food that makes or breaks an eating place. At the launch night, food was really good. Hope the trend continues. Coming Friday, the band Nasha is coming at Hybrid to groove the party lovers. Check out the fun! Enjoy and keep tuned to my stories of food and exploration of Goa and Agra both.


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