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Last Day In Dubai!

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When my husband had to come to Dubai in November for a short term project, we hardly knew that his ‘to and fro’ visits would go on till February. And in the next four months, I would get to see him more in Dubai than in Delhi. When I had the opportunity to join him in November, I made the most of it. I was excited to return to Dubai after 2 years. While last time it was a 7 day holiday, this time I had a month up my sleeves. I had plans for this trip unlike last time. No doubt, I had lovely memories of all that we had done then- Top of Burj Khalifa, Desert Safari, Dubai Mall, Mall of Emirates, Ibn Batuta, Deira City Center, Ski Dubai, Dubai Aquarium and Night clubbing, this time I was looking forward to exploring a different side of Dubai and trust me I was successful too.


Manjulika, Burj Khalifa, Travel blogger, Dubai
Burj Khalifa


During that period (23 Nov to 22nd Dec 2015), I got to live another thrill. When my husband was even required to travel back to India,  I decided to stayed back here and I did well too for ten days. Honestly, I am not a solo traveler and I thrive in company thus I was nervous. But soon I was loving the whole independence about being on my own. Dubai not only helped me discover my potential as a solo traveler but it also inspired me to discover the Emirate as a local. I walked around to the near-by places, shopped from the local groceries as an expat and most importantly enjoyed my life as a freelance blogger. Yes, if you have read my post from last visit, you would know that I have yet not stopped talking about my splendid experience at the Dubai International Film Festival, that happened during December. I had a great time in 30 days. If I had to describe it in one word, I would call it splendid! When I had to return to India just a week before 1st January, I was sad about missing the New Year Eve celebrations and the fireworks at Burj Khalifa. But I knew I would be back soon. Dubai Shopping Festival kept me hopeful as I was supposed to return by 15th January. 


Dubai Marina, Travel blogger, Dubai, Blogger
Dubai Marina


As luck  would have it, I was back on 1st Feb (last day of the shopping festival). I left my luggage in the hotel and rushed to Dubai Mall to catch up the last day buzz. And since then, there has been no stopping. I have done a number of new places and overall these 22 days have been great fun again. Well, what makes it so special in Dubai? I love my independent self.  I have a NOL card(metro pass) and I travel to places far and near. Even if I am out till 10 in the night, neither my husband is worried nor me because it feels absolutely safe on the roads. I have a small kitchenette and I enjoy cooking interesting combinations with my little resources. On the days  when I am not in the mood to cook, its easy to order lip smacking Shwarama or Biryani. Nevertheless, I love walking to nearest Choithram’s or Carrefour. These two shops are my favorite because there is lot of comfort food around and one can buy anything and everything from here.


Choithram, Al Rolla street
Choithram at Al Rolla street


But today, when I am packing my bags and I have a flight to India at 11 p.m., I am not very excited to return to the place where I belong. I am undergoing withdrawal symptoms. I have never felt so connected to any other place but Dubai feels different. Maybe its because I have lived here for more than 50 days in two rounds. I am no more a tourist who goes to Dubai Mall everyday but I love strolling around the Creek and going for an Abra ride. I do not spend on lavish restaurants but I enjoy going back to Dubai Marina Beach or the The Walk. I had come to be friends with blogging community here and I was really enjoying my invites to buzzing places. I really wish my stint in Dubai was not yet over. Honestly, I have fallen for all that swagger that Dubai has. With a wish to return soon, I wrap this post right here. But before I do that, I must tell you what I did to make myself happy on the last day. I walked to Carrefour at Burjuman metro station, spent a couple of hours in there and bought some of my favorite stuff to take back home. The picture below is just about half of the things because rest of it is already packed in my luggage.


Some shopping from Carrefour
Some shopping from Carrefour


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