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Chicken Soup for the Soul:Indian College Students


Its 10th of June today and I am nostalgic. This date enlivens the emotions of the most cherished memories of life which have been embedded in the heart and soul forever.

 Four years back, it had been a day when goodbyes, hugs, cry had drained me out completely. But the countless promises ‘to keep in touch’ had been the only pillars of support and solace. It was the day of plunging into the unknown world with bags of dreams, aspirations, learning and knowledge. But I was lonely and it was hurting like never before. My College life had come to an end and it was time for separation with friends/juniors/professors with whom I had spent the precious four years.

With a heavy heart, I had boarded my train back to my city from my alma mater. My parents were waiting and I was happy to be able to join them but I was leaving behind my wonderful college days, never to get a life like it.



I have grown up reading Chicken Soup Series and they are books that make our heart and soul strong. In fact they are not just books but actually words beaded into stories which stir your emotions and make you feel fuller in life. They have a healing power.


The latest one in the series in the market is CHICKEN SOUP FOR THE SOUL: INDIAN COLLEGE STUDENT

The book has a lovely collection of 101 stories divided into different sections as below

 • On Friendship

 • Lessons Forever

• Befriending Yourself

• Regrets Remembered

• Teachers Come In All Flavors

• Hostel Highs

• The Road To Success and Finding It

• Cultfest

• Lessons From Outside The Classroom

• Looking Back

• Transitions

They are wonderful, inspiring, humorous and fun-loving stories. Take my words , the book is going to make you relive the college days and it is going to be a lovely experience reading the stories. I loved them completely and was reminded of my days in college. Each one of you will find a story of your own.  They are really special and completely real. Classroom and Hostel days come flashing back…

The stories reinstate that College life is a special era in ones life. It is the golden period which paves our path for the rest of our life but most of us never bother to give it a thought and enjoy to the utmost. Experimentation and extracting fun from life becomes the mantra of life and the flurry of assignments, projects, internals and externals keep us on our toes. All in all it’s a power packed journey of life where we meet some wonderful friends, profs, teachers and mentors and take them in our life for always.

I am happy my story is part of the Book…  Star -Becoming Bright!

🙂 🙂 🙂


Hope You Enjoy It. Happy Reading!!!  🙂

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