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Book Review: A Waiting Wave by Kulpreet Yadav

An inspiring tag line  ‘Living a Life, Winning a Dream’ to kick-start.

When I read the blurb, there were reasons that made me go for the book. One the story was weaved around a catastrophe, Tsunami which had caused a magnanimous loss to life and property and second the story was set in the backdrop of the Islands of Andaman Nicobar. Both had an element of enigma that added to my interest.

I truly believe that Love is the epitome of all emotions, and keeps the world going. No matter how adverse the conditions may be, but we all brave it for our loved ones. This message is conveyed strongly from the storyline. The writer has successfully created a simple, flowing and youthful story that is engaging from start to finish. One will definitely find it interesting to know more of the islands, tribes and the history related to them.  Its well researched.

Today’s generation is impulsive, short tempered and at times immature just like our young couple in here, Harry and Kareena. The two are colleagues and later their love for each other is materialized into blissful marriage. But things turn nasty in few months, hence Harry returns to Port Blair, a place he has known for fifteen years, to spend some time with his father and keep a distance with his wife, Kareena. He is emotionally affected by the separation and makes attempts to put the issues with his wife out of his mind but all in vain. It has been rightly said, distances make hearts go fonder. His mind keeps revisiting the turn of unfavourable events that had strained his marriage. During this phase, he turns towards nature’s lap to achieve some mental peace. While he is out for boating one day, tsunami hits and here comes the awaited twist in the story. He is forced upon with an adventure that confronts him with whole lot of unexpected events.

He is swept away to the far away islands and finds himself among the savage Negrito tribes on the Island of Sentinilese. Next is the narrow escape from the crocodile attack as he tries to find the right direction. Then pitch in the helping Onges. Later he reaches Kamorta after his shaky encounter with the Japanese ghosts of the soldiers of World War II. We also get to read about the Nicobarese tribal ceremony and their faith on spirits on Katchal Island.

All this while his wife, Kareena is worried about him and makes all attempts to find him. They both recall the past events and undergo introspection that helps to make amends for the future. But above all, their love for each other is much highly placed and it qualifies and wins over all the testing times.

All in all it is an engrossing, entertaining and an informative book to lay hands on.

Happy Reading

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Kulpreet Yadav is an Indian novelist currently researching the role of khap panchayats in the rural politics of Haryana for his next novel. He currently lives in Delhi and loves to experiment with food and wine, when not travelling.

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