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Love on the Rocks– Revisited

LOVE ON THE ROCKS, Author: Ismita Tandon DhankherIt’s been one of the talked about books lately and I realize what makes it one. Foremost, it serves a thriller on the platter and builds in the suspense right from the outset. Interestingly, the story is set on the ship amidst 24 men and 1 female. This murder mystery takes you across different people, their thought process, their lives on the ship and definitely much more.

There’s always been much to read about college, love, marriage, relationships but yet so less about relation-complexities, expectations, psychological musings and the darker side of us. Life is real and each day we face it hard and true but all that meets the eye may not always be the truth. So often we come across people who seem to put across their true-self but then there’s a side unknown to all of us. Read the book and you may know why I write this.

A newly wedded girl, Sancha is off for sailing, to catch up with her husband, Chief Officer Aaron. There are some amongst the crew who are friendly and helping; while some turn out to be ignorant, suspicious and indifferent. But before she can explore it all, there’s an accident on the ship and it connects to the murder of the chief cook that happened earlier. Her husband is being secretive and she knows not why.

A theft takes place and an investigation that follows successfully tracks in all the related happenings and mysteries. Twists and turns keep up a good pace and there are clues to look out for between the lines. Testing times confront Sancha and she decides to find the truth before she can vouch for her husband.

Each one in the book is the protagonist and I loved their voices and caricatures. Just that I felt, that when the reader starts to look for some more mystery to dig in, the truth starts to unravel. I would have loved to read about the characters more because they felt so real. And especially, Manna is intriguing and his character is to read out for, I bet his outpourings will keep you on the toes till the end. Our poetess author has her imaginations flowing all along. The idea is fresh and is offered superbly to the readers.

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An Interview with the Author

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