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The Directionless Son of Brain- Book Review

About the book

This weekend, it was an engrossing ride through a short, simple and meaningful tale of ‘Mind’. The author, Saurabh Sharma has successfully created a lively story involving our human emotions. One will find it interesting to read about ‘Mind’ who represents a teenager of age seventeen. Basically, the state of confused mind and feeling of  being directionless that comes with this tender age has been touched upon uniquely.

Today, we have everything around us but it isn’t easy to keep ourselves ground-footed. There are attractions as well as distractions that sway the peace and integrity of the mind and soul. At some stage one finds it difficult to find a goal in life. Hence when the son of ‘Brain’ and ‘Consciousness’ feels the same, he is guided by his uncle ‘Wisdom’. He advises him to take on journey of life and pen down in a journal. The travel resolves the mysteries of life and helps him to identify the different segments of society.

On his search for his direction in life, ‘Mind’ encounters the realities of life in the form of ‘Mr. Hunger’ and ‘Miss Poverty’. The next destination happens to be ‘The State of Craving’, there comes ‘Queen Greed’. The story of Mind traverses the path of life quite like the way we encounter people of several kinds. These people affect our ways and decisions in life quite often before we hold our reigns strongly. Symbolically, here in the story ‘this directionless chap’ meets people, emotions and human attributes of all kinds on his travel journey to search for his focus in life.

‘Logic’, ‘Practicality’, ‘Mr. Pervert’, Warrior Discipline, Princess Desire, King Pleasure, Lust, Mr. Compassion, Empathy make his purpose of travel quite fruitful. Each one offers a small lesson to pick and move ahead. Life as its has always been, unpredictable, pushes him from one city to another, and he comes across some more people like ‘Mr. Grief’, ‘Practicality’, Mr. Insane, Mr. Trust and finally Miss Creativity. They all open up other truths of life and make him understand life better.

In the form of eBook, it’s a fast-paced, enjoyable read. A little more editing would have been appreciated definitely, but on the fair note, the element of reality kept up my momentum to read and made me think along the way. One can really relate to it in real life.

Happy Reading!!!

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