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Book Review: Complete/Convenient

Complete / Convenient:   There is More to Men than Bromance by Ketan Bhagat

My Say:  This potboiler, strewn with spices from India and abroad, turned out to be a treat for me as a reader.  I enjoyed every nook and cranny of the Indian (Punjabi) boy, Kabir’s story. The turn of events were gripping and amusing giving me good laughs at the mention of many instances and anecdotes.  Basically Ketan Bhagat has touched upon the Indian sentiments eloquently. I must say don’t miss it this season.

Cover Page:  I quite liked the Title of the book and the cover page has been put up in sync with the Title. A slant cut through the page shows the Indian part which depicts Completeness and the other chunk which has an onsite look (Australia) is more about Convenience.  The idea behind the design is nice but the scheme of colors turned out to be dull for me. A dab of vibrant colors were needed for this colorful tale.  (opined as a reader)

Blurb:  When I read the blurb, I found it different and it helped me to build my expectations instantly.  It tells you upfront about the attributes of an NRI and an Indian. It conveys easy and well, thus the reader knows what to expect from the book.  Once it talks about so many things together,  you really think can it do justice with all of it. But the truth is that the story lives up to the claims made by the blurb.

From the book:

‘ I told you he is smart. He works for Satyamev at a salary of 10 lakhs. Arey, he got 96% in math in tenth, yaar. He is intelligent’

Thus we know about the protagonist Kabir as his Mamaji pips in quite many times and proudly roars about this piece of information at regular intervals.

Story :  Kabir is an IT person, gets an offer to shift to Sydney. Thus, a quick marriage with his girl friend Myra happens at the onset and they are off to begin a new life away from family and old friends. Kabir does all to carve a niche for himself in the new place and turns out to be successful too. Myra is all dreamy to be at one of the best locales and is happy to have escaped the Indian saga and soapy story of Indian Daugher-in-law and Mother-in-law.  All bonds of the family have been talked about well – sister, father, friends. The other side of a man, his office, colleagues, bosses and the work culture have been put in the story quite smartly.  So the story from India to Sydney and back again has lots of ups and downs to talk about. Grab on!

Likes:   Firstly,  the plot is very interesting and of today’s times. Though the story is fictitious but the realities of life put across through it are true for many of us.  None can deny the fact that we Indians, get lured by onsite offers. In fact we definitely feel that life in the developed countries is much more convenient than our own. Family and the bonding are the only things that brings us back. After all, whichever country it may be, we remain to be a second citizen. Its only India where we have the motherly connection, the ownership, the freedom from fear.

The story-telling has been done quite impressively. The emotions flow along well. I could understand and relate well with Myra, been married a year back. The Punjabi family wins heart again. Different people and their characters have been etched out well, quite suited to the story.

Anyone who is headed to Australia will love to read before-hand and get a feel of it. It definitely turns out to be useful for them. Experiences are well shared.  I liked the character of Vishy.

Dislikes:  The use of Hindi vocals did not go well with me. An English book must be entirely in English. The length of the book was not a problem for me once I was done with it but when you handle the book for the first time, the number of pages instantly lead to the remark– Oops it is too thick.  Its just that we have got used to reading more of 225-260 pages. The author has capably handled all these pages.  The story does not bore you except a few flash-backs which could have been done away with.

Last but not the least:  Lets not pitch the brothers against each other.  We may say several things about Chetan Bhagat but the truth is that he made Indian fiction (chick-lit) writing famous, noticeable. He set a line and then opened doors for betterment.  Lets welcome Ketan from the family who has come as a fresh breeze…

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Thanks to the Publishers for sending this one and the Author for putting it together for us.

Publisher: Srishti Publishers

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  1. I have this book for review, the start is a bit slow I think. Somehow not able to get down and read it.

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