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Mumbaistan- Enjoyable Page Turner

Mumbaistan by Piyush Jha
Thanks to Shreya from All about books for sending this one.


In one sentence— A RACY- PACY , 3 in 1 package. 

The first impression that I started off with— A film-maker’s book, must be an offering with a difference. And once I am done with it I can say the author has not disappointed me.   🙂

CRIME FICTION, A genre that has fascinated me always but I have not explored it much from the point of view of reviews. Reason being when one sits down to write about the book that really gave you thrilling and chilling moments, one has to be very careful not to divulge them and still talk the best of it. But I wanna write about this book…. its been really INTERESTING one.

And also from Indian writer’s side there has not been much on our platter from this genre, so when you get hold of a good thing, the best is talk about it.   😉  (I luuv talking)

MUMBAISTAN—This book is set in the crime underbelly of the city that’s mostly thought in sync with Glamour and fashion.The title of the book says it all, needless to say Mumbai.  It unravels the darker side of it. Three high performing novellas have been packed into one entertaining piece and it will make the readers sit up and take notice. (Not only Mumbai people but all)

What I liked best about the book was that each of the three novellas have tales that have ‘CRIME’ itself as the protagonist.  The associates and after-affects of the unlawful acts appear justly in the package and the stories are woven so compelling and riveting. The plots were absolutely convincing and at the same time they were throwing surprises at the right moments. Its quick paced and definitely makes the type- to be gulped in one shot. 

USP— The unpredictability of the stories at every step. Every scene captures the readers interest in a good capacity and the well-timed twists and turns makes the readers crave for more. Has all the ingredients to make it a popular read.

The unforgettable characters of the three peppy stories:

Bomb day — Tanvir and Rabia, tough lovers, play a game of hide and seek in the city which is sitting on a bomb.

InjectionwalaDr. Porus and Inspector Virkar, two men settling down the game of ‘organ racket’ in their own rightly ways. (This one is my favorite)

Coma ManSamir Khanna, a man who goes through both physical an emotional turmoil, rising alive from the state of coma after twenty years.

The want of better never dies—The cover page is nice but could have been better, though I liked it in all in all red but black dint suit me. Why not some more colors? The writing style is interesting but lacks an international appeal. The use of words are too simple, makes easy going for us but what was missing was the literary-luster. The three explosive crime thrillers were great stories but I thought each one could have been etched more further, a little more deeper and at times too many things were happening too quickly killing the reader’s joy.

Last but not the least— Go and Grab it.

Happy Reading!

A person reading in Delhi says… Wow– Mumbai is so intriguing.. there’s so much to it except the beaches… We all know about the crimes of the city but you get to taste a real slice of it here.

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  1. A good, and balanced review is a rare commodity. So, I’d like to congratulate you on achieving that here. I look forward to receiving and reading more posts from you. Thanks much. Spread the word 🙂

    1. A comment from the author is the best that one can ask for… Thanks so much. And good work is spreading all over… 🙂

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