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RIP by Mukul Deva

‘But we had no choice….These thieving bastards are above reproach….. no one can ever touch them… not legally. India will never get her rightful place in the sun till these corrupt politicians are forced to be accountable.’

‘And the country. India needs to be rid of this menace. Once rid of these thieving politicians she would find her rightful place in the sun. A day would come when every Indian would have a roof over his head, two square meals a day and the right to live with dignity and security. Soon….’

The First Look:   The man holding the gun, bullet replacing the I in the title and the syringe on the cover page do complete justice to this power-packed thriller. Moving on to the blurb, it promises a whole lot of action and adrenaline rush. The appreciations make it worthy further.

One Sentence:    This entertaining book is written intelligently and with emotions on a high.

USP: The patriotic fervor of the book captures the impulse of Indian readers perfectly. It has been penned down at the right time when the Indian populace is totally in angst and in disapproval state with the rising number of scams, scandals and multi-crores mess up.

Story:  The story revolves around three teams and three key members. The protagonist is Mr. Krishna Athawale. He is the leader of the K team which comprises of strong-willed, energetic, self-reliant and smart people. All these ex-army men are bent upon to accomplish a mission to free the country from the vicious grip of the greedy politicians. 

Second the team led by Raghav Bhagat, another ex-army person who is hired to drill down the action players and let them not live.  Another set of parallel investigations are done by a third person Mr. Vinod Bedi and his team, Special Director, CBI as per instructions by the home minister.  The Special action force K- team would come prepared, take their positions and act smartly.  They believed in going with the flow, they executed and implemented their plan with accuracy  taking us all through a thrilling ride. The similarity to the political conditions present in the country and to the bureaucratic names were very evident.  I enjoyed reading the book thoroughly and quite many times wished the fiction to come true some day.

The piece of romance and hatred between Mrs Bhagat and two army guys hits off well and the love- triangle added to the flavor. I liked the friendship between Sachin and Azaan.

Writing Style: It is easy going, neat and engaging. A good pace has been maintained throughout the story. Without going into much detailing, the author keeps the story moving, thus maintaining the tempo of the genre. Entertaining and engaging, written in Indian style with desi tadka.

Thumps Up: The action and adventure click right from the beginning of the story and it becomes enjoyable as one moves along. The Author has used his experiences of Army well and we get its taste all along the narration.  Advanced technology has its in-between mentions all along.

Thumps Down: A few typos here and there.  The action plans were too accurate and rightly implemented, could have been made more complex and rocking. The climax was a little dramatic and unbelievable, how come no ones finds the truth behind the K-team. Its too neat to digest.

Last but not the Least :  A must-have book for all those who have the angst and hate for the corrupt political structure in our country.  Here K team was a great team of honest and worthy people. They executed a plan which I guess each one of us in India wants it to happen the soonest possible. On the other hand it has a dark side to it because law should never be played with, for if it falls in the wrong hands, it may cost thousand lives. Also, sometimes the most noble of causes can get ruined by evil minds. For a change, all goes well in here and Good wins over the Bad finally!

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