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Time to Say 'Hi Five' to the 'Big Change'

This post is a part of Weekend contest at in association with Chanakya’s New Manifesto


Share 5 problems/concerns/worries that you face everyday and why accompanied with a blueprint on how it could be solved/changed.

1.            Corruption begins early morning and does
                        not end even in the night 
              #      Time to nip it in the bud!

Every item or goods that I use in my everyday life has a raised price and it is because of the instability of our economy. And we all know the Indian economy is totally paralyzed, thanks to our corrupt politicians and bureaucrats.Corruption is a vicious circle and this malicious giant is swallowing our society and its people at an alarming rate.  Our Life’s every aspect gets affected due to it. The several stories of theft, bribes and scams that we read in newspaper almost everyday are all due to corruption. The growing inequality is a result of it as the rich are getting richer and the poor poorer. Why is all happening and going on  without a check because the laws in our country are slaves of the rich. The governing bodies are mere puppets in the hands of the culprits. Money can save you from all crimes. The people in the government have been plundering the country forever and ever and the loot is still on. There is no one to check, no one to question their accountability and worst of all there is no law which could punish them rightly. They all enjoy VVIP treatments and after looting one ministry they easily take the oath as a minister of another department with a shameless smile on their faces. How ridiculous and pitiful is the state of our country!!! 

Its high time we should all unite, revolt and stand against  corruption. Each one of us has to SAY BIG NO to bribe or wrong means of getting things done. We have to come out in the open and be front runners in freeing the country of these corrupt politicians. I would say the army should take over these corrupt politicians and put them all in jail. Their deeds should be brought to the books of laws and each one should face a trial. The lawyers and the policemen should all unite and get after these corrupt people. The common man should come out on the roads and protest. The whole country should demand freedom from corruption and its practitioners. Lets join hands and make the least possible attempt from our ends, not to promote corruption. We should only vote for those who can guarantee good governance. And most important the educated class must step out to vote. Until we do that, we don’t have the rights to ask for a change.

2.                Travelling Woes and Mismanagement 
            # Time to develop Traffic Sense and proper
                    transportation network 

After the household chores, once I leave for office, I am on roads and I fear at the thought of going through it all over again. The indecent crowd, the ignorant traffic sense and the unending jams. The public transport is again a big flop show in India. Though Metro has been doing good in some parts of the country but still commutation remains to be a big challenge in NCR. The lack of end to end connectivity is a big problem still. People drive recklessly or there are jams that just kill time for hours. Precious time goes unused in the chaos. Public transport is not enough. The number of cars and single occupied cars are mostly the culprits who swarm the roads but then they have a reason. Since we do not have good transport facility and also such that can accommodate all comfortably at peak traffic hours, hence people prefer to drive on their own. I am troubled by the travelling woes almost everyday.

On individual fronts, we should adopt some greener methods(cycling) or walking if places are close by. Adopting a little bit of traffic sense would also be very helpful. Rather than honking and deliberately trying to overtake other vehicles, one should follow lane driving. Also the concept of Car pooling should be adopted by office goers of the same area. Private office should provide cabs or buses and the corporate should adopt it strictly. The government which is again useless but still if it thinks of improving should take learn some lessons from our neighbor countries (China) or other countries (Europe) which have excellent transport facilities. The single occupied cars should be discouraged by some laws and alternative methods. The need of the hour is the public transport should be improved, expanded and channelized the right way. Lots of buses should start plying on the roads and every place should be covered end to end.

3.               Female Foeticide, Female Abuse and
                   Sexual Harassment is on a high.
       # Treat the hooligans the same as they do to us!

My fellow citizens, my country and my known roads but the moment I step on roads or come out in open, the dirty eyes and insane minds start penetrating inside me. In the day we do have the guts to step out but in the night, everything becomes so scary. Why? Why don’t we have equal rights of just doing anything as we want and at any hour? Some say our dressing sense is wrong and other point out on our character but actually who are they to question us. We are the citizens of the country and we have the rights to live our life the way we want.  In some places, the newly born baby is killed just because she is a girl. Want of a son will actually ruin the people some day. And the other sick people with dirty minds don’t let us live in peace. They molest us, rape us or assault us.  In the offices, the sophisticated and so called educated sexually harass us in some way or other. So overall the state of women in this country is absolutely miserable. Now this is because from day one we tell our girls to be decent and docile but forget to teach our boys how to behave with the fairer sex.

This plight can only change if we women learn to protect ourselves. Lets prepare ourselves with self defense. Lets keep pepper spray handy. The young girls should be made to learn judo,karate, taekwando. Its time we step up to give one tight one back to the person who tries to touch us. The people who help in female Foeticide should be termed criminals and put behind bars. Other culprits should be hanged right away who try to play with the dignity and honor of the women. In places of work too, there should be better rules and policies to check any kind of harassment.  I have seen mostly the females resign due to these issues because there is no one to check the prying eyes and hands. If one has to resign don’t just do it silently, raise your voice and get yourself heard and take the final call. Its high time the muffled voices not only shout and scream but also raise high commanding voices. Stricter laws should be brought into effect where the violent and malicious should be hanged right on the roads because its important to spread the fear so that none dares to do it again.

4.               Cheap and Uneducated Indian Labour 
          # Awareness, Education and Employment drive
                     must be a mandate.

Nearly 480 million people make up our work force. Of these   nearly 90 percent is kept away from education. They have no awareness about their rights and thus they contribute to labor productivity. Cheap labor is available all around us and many humans are treated no less than humans. There is no awareness because they have no education and thus they are forced to do jobs at meager payments. I really feel they are cheated of their rights, but why? After all they are humans like us. Its just that they were never given access to education and hence to earn a living they are forced to take up low jobs and lead a difficult life. When I see my illiterate maid, I don’t want her kids to  remain the same.

Each one of us should take the responsibility of educating one who has no access to books or school.  Each one-Teach one. Lets make the black and white readable and meaningful to them. Lets spread awareness because there are many people who have their vested interests in not making these people ever grow up. Thus we should try and educate them maybe through charity or the NGOs or some good causes who are actually helping spread education. Buy some books and copies for your maid or driver’s child every year and make sure they study and are not put to forced labor. 

5.          Environmental  Pollution- Garbage dump and
               clutter in the Neighborhood and Colony 
            #Lets get environment sensitive,
             hygienic and love thy neighbor! 

Every morning I see my neighbors dump their garbage just outside my house. How long can I keep my cool and let not my temper flair? And I also know even though I go and tell her politely she will not understand. She needs a quarrel. This is just a small incident otherwise we humans have the highest contribution in spoiling the nature and spreading pollution. I feel the cause for this is that people just want to live in the present, they are not bothered about the future. They are least bothered if the environment goes for a toss in the near future after all who has to see a hundred years. 

Lets plant more and more trees because Environment needs protection. Lets pledge to cut down pollution. Green Awareness and Green Drive is important. Using  the bio-degradable materials should be adopted.  Each one, Lets dispose the garbage at the right place.  Just like so many of us have left burning crackers on Diwali, in similar fashion we can do other things as well. The Earth Hour celebrated each year saves so much power. Instead of celebrating it once in a year, lets do it once every month in every state. I am sure it will help to generate awareness and save on our environment. 

Some of the suggested means in the BLUE PRINT may read foolish and non-achievable but I believe we can do it if we all strive for it. Lets use the social media Facebook, twitter and other means to talk about it, spread word about it and I can bet contests like this one are right steps towards it.

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Lets think about the environment and also the people around us.

6 thoughts on “Time to Say 'Hi Five' to the 'Big Change'

  1. I agree with all the points, but people need to realize that these are real problems plaguing our country – Only then, we can hope for a solution. Awareness and sensitizing people on the issues is as important as solving them.

    Destination Infinity

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