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Author of the book ‘SHOES of the DEAD’ is KOTA NEELIMA. She is a talked about author and a senior journalist. Thanks to Blogadda for giving me a chance to review her book.

‘ None of us can match the powers we challenge. It is an unequal fight, but we have the dead on our side.’

BOOK DESIGN Impacting! The soil color is characteristic or suggestive of mud of the countryside. Rural and Rugged issue seems to be captured well enough with the cracks in the soil, on the hard bound cover page.

Blurb— This one puts up clearly that it is a story which revolves around farmer’s suicide cases and aims to brings out the stark truth of our rural India which the people of the cities are so indifferent to.

One word : Truth-seeking !!!

In One Sentence: A riveting political novel that brings out the truth of the ways of working of local bodies and failed governance of our country, India.

ROUND UP:   The story revolves around Mityala region. Sudhakar Bhadhra has no money to look after his children. His crops have failed and he is roughly treated by the moneylenders, thus he opts for suicide. His widow is denied compensation due to the corrupt nexus within the local committee appointed to look into these kinds of distress issues. His brother Gangiri, decides on to fight for the real cause to help other widows and curb the suicides. He confronts the members of the committee and demands truth from them. The governance at the center remains indifferent to the plight of the poverty of farmers and schemes their own designs to get over with it. There are politicians who have power due to nepotism. One such person is Keyur Kashinath, the politician who had won the elections by siding with the scrupulous money-lenders. Thus he uses the same means to fight out Gangiri, but this man of conviction and patience ensures that he gives a hard time to the MP. Later the story unfolds with various twists and turns. Journalist Nazar Prakash plays a key and revolutionary role by writing articles highlighting the truth and supporting the poor people. It is not a story of revenge but of seeking justice.

REVIEW :  Generally the stories from rural India are not very attractive but this one has been dealt with great elan. The fictitious story delves into the real issues of our country touching upon almost all the reasons for political turmoil and despair. Indifferent political governance at the centre, rural ignorance, corruption at every hierarchy, personal interests, money making greed, misuse of power and forceful influence in the media thrives in India.  It brings out the real issue of farmer suicides and how nepotism leads to transfer of power in wrong hands. We are just left hopeless with no means to fight with the powerful except giving up on our lives.  The harshness and vagaries of life have been put together impressively. The deepest emotions have been worded very well making the reader connect with the story.

THUMPS UP:  I liked the theme and central focus of the book. The social media, role of journalism has been portrayed in the rightful way, it must function. The one- on- one discussion of the farmer and the politician is the USP of the book. Its inspiring to read that men like Gangiri can avert the decisions of the ruling bodies and the poor have the courage to bring revolutions, however, the loss is always on their side. This time both sides lose and justice is done for some.  🙂

A LITTLE MORE:  I am never fond of the villains- Durga Das Mahajan and Maha Sarpanch Lamboda but then without them the story would never have taken shape.  I was not quite convinced with the end. I know this is what is happening but then truth must win some day without the sacrifices.  A few typo errors here and there, though they were brushed away the moment they appeared in the book. Why the author could not name the people who helped her put up this story?

LAST BUT NOT THE LEAST:  The writing style of the author made the book unputdownable and classy.  This gripping tale makes a great read. Go for it for sure!!

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Happy Reading !!!

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