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The Homing Pigeons

Book Review: The Homing Pigeons by Sid Bahri

Thanks to the Publishers for sending this one and the Author for putting it together for us.

Publisher: Srishti Publishers

Genre: Fiction

A must know: The book comes along with a original soundtrack as well.  All the more interesting….Isn’t it?

Cover Page: It had to be the pigeons, more than twenty they are in number, lending a solemn , dignified look to the book. The design flutters and absolutely pleases the eyes.

Title:  It aptly stands for and justifies the story.  Take a cue….. they are famous as Homing Pigeons because they are distinctly known to find their way home over extremely long distances.

Blurb : It conveys well but I did not find it very impressive, instead I found the Authors’ introduction really interesting. To put it simple and straight, the blurb should have been more catchy.

One Word:  Audacious !!!

One sentence : After a long time, I read a story from the closet of a debut author, which has captured the complexity and vagaries of life in the most perfect way. 

The Story Round Up:  Aditya and Radhika, they are two voices in the story. They have their own stories to brood over and a love-story to talk about. Aditya is one of the victims of recession and Radhika of abandonment of blood relations. They have complicated lives which takes them through many ups and downs. Aditya is unhappily married and Radika is divorced from first marriage and widow from second one. They adapt themselves as per the circumstances and in the true sense, that’s what the unpredictability of life is all about. Don’t we all do that or are pushed to compromise in life as our karma cycle and destiny spring surprises? 

My Verdict : I enjoyed it thoroughly. The characters are well-etched though contrasting but absolutely believable. One character loses his riches and other one narrates her story of her claim to richness. I loved the starkness between them. The book kept me hooked all along. I loved the mention of Lucknow since I hail from there. The people in the story were the most imperfect ones but they played along really well. The tagline of the book summarizes it best. The twist and turns were interesting and they made the book lovable.

USP:  A fresh plot and the making of a gigolo is interesting. Writing style of the author is impressive. He builds on interest and has a great style of narration. 

Likes : Individual Voices. The Plot. Emotions, which are well depicted in words. Perfect timings of failed events. Bond between the two  prime characters is unbeatable.

Dislikes:  More than half way down the narration, it became predictable that the forlorn lovers would definitely meet. All along Aditya had been sure his parents were broadminded and would have no issue with his choice of girl. Was he so ignorant and unknown to his father’s anti-Hindu views? And also I must say, there were a few moments which bored me too, especially the later part, a few pages could have been easily done away with. But the goodness of it all hardly gave me time to dislike it.   😉

Last But Not The Least :  Its unputdownable and for those moments when you take a break from the book, the story lingers on and urges you to get back to it as soon as possible.    🙂

P.S.My faith in the debut authors resurrected. I am an aspiring one myself and I must say the book has inspired me to write better.

Smileys Won-      🙂 🙂 🙂 😉

Happy Reading!!!

Happy Blogging!!!

12 thoughts on “The Homing Pigeons

  1. I have now read two diametrically opposite reviews of this book! If you are looking for a contrarian point of view, do visit Arvind Passey’s blog.
    It is always very interesting to see how two people might see the same object so differently. Obviously, there are no right or wrong answers here – just their personal opinions.

    1. Yeah I read Mr. Passey’s review but I think he liked it too because the book has something different to offer… 🙂

  2. This is one of the better Indian fiction debuts isn’t it? I liked the book a lot too…agree with all your feedback 🙂

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