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When Strangers Meet..

When Strangers Meet..  by K. HARI KUMAR

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My Musings…

Everyday we come across strangers but most of them are lost in the oblivion. If clubbed in together for sometime, the exchanged glances and a few verbal exchange of dialects do happen. Many smile with us, a few laugh at us, some of them intrigue us, fascinate us and last but not the least, they tend to annoy us too but seldom do we get into long conversations with them except the train journeys. Reason is simple, they are unknown and just as the name suggests, we are strange to their ways of doing things and it isn’t  easy to get pally in the short span of time. So when strangers meet… what happens?…… Amazing things, Spooky things or something more……

BOOK COVER: The caricatures of the three strangers comes out prominently on the cover page. Each of them gives away a little about their personality and characters. I found it interesting and inviting too.

TITLE :  It completely justifies the plot, and resonates with the story-line. In fact, the author shares his story about the selection of the title as well. However, it could have been named otherwise, like ‘Bumped into Unknowns.’ I just want to suggest him another name.   😉

ONE WORD: Good-work !!!

ONE SENTENCE :  Makes an easy and enjoyable read-through until it takes you by surprise and chapters in the end  are definitely great fun.

STORY ROUND UP:  The story is plotted in Gurgaon, weaving in a story of  three people and their family members.  Jai, a teenager is a son of a mathematician professor. He is a brat and I must say really bad with words and his manners. He plans to embark on a new journey and there meets two strangers in the resting room of the Ghittorni Metro station. One is a pot-bellied South-Indian man, Krishnaprasad Iyer and another a tea-seller who is known by all as Pathan.  They talk with each in different circumstances and thus play significant roles in each others life. Iyer and Jai had much to do, but of course, a third person was needed was the best part. Life’s lessons and other good things happen when strangers meet and rest is for the readers to find out.

MORE TO GO : The story is merely about three days but has so much to say about life and our haste decisions. I read the book in the cab while commuting to and fro my office which is in Gurgaon, so at times it felt as if the story played in front of my eyes especially when I was really close to Ghottorni Metro station. Some of the aspects of life have been touched upon really well. I liked the imaginative power of the Author.

LIKES : I loved the end especially when it joins all its loose connections, of the last day proceedings. The story is page-turning as the reader develops an urge to know what lies next in the lives of the three people. Its absolutely a new concept, a little bit of love story but more lessons of family ties and human bonds. I also appreciate the author’s mindset of connecting the vastness of our country’s expanse, one person from the north and another from south, two varied cultures made a great story. The author is promising.

DISLIKES : Definitely deserves a much better editing. The footage of the three people was not proportionately planned. The third character should have had a strong role. I expected more from him. The grammatical errors do turn off at times but the story makes up for the weak side of it.

LAST BUT NOT THE LEAST : Leaves you surprised, shocked, satisfied when you finish the book. It scares you too with the facets and experiences of life, if they turn out this way.

SMILEYS WON :    🙂 🙂 🙂

Happy Reading!!!

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    1. Absolutely Jas… Actually I don’t want to spill the beans but this one has a twist to it.. u gonna enjoy for sure.. 🙂

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