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The Story of Super Cool Mintz


Thanks to Blogadda and Ultramintz for sending me two rectangular boxes of the sugar Free Power mints. It is the product of ITC mint O, one of the leading mint brands. This is a new offering from them and best of all that that they have chosen bloggers to get the first feel and taste of it.

The First Look:  The packaging impressed me. When I opened the box, a designer case lay in the center. The case looked cute and attractive, being small in size. I found the case sturdy enough to keep the shiny white pellets intact with a small peep open in the below left corner. The menthol smell hit me immediately and began to take over my nostrils. I could actually feel the coolness coming from that open corner.

To start off, I shook off two pellets and introduced them to my taste buds. Wow, the pop tasted good and seemed like the coolest thing to have happened to my tongue. Not that I have not felt like this before but not by such a small thing. It lives up to the brand’s claim, being powerful and strong mint O.

The peppermint and menthol effect kept lingering in the mouth for long.

I have kept the case in my laptop bag. It is very handy. Whenever I feel stressed in my workspace or there is an urge to have something, I pop in these uber cool mintos.  These sugar free chill pill absolutely rocks and they are good for diet conscious people too.

Thumps Up:

The designer case is handy and can be carried at all the places.

The pellets tickle the senses.

The strong minty taste is amazing and I luvvvv to pop three or four pellets together.

Be cool, keep popping in cool mints.

The Ultramintz cools down the tongue, the head and much more. U would stand for Ultra mintz for me for long now. If you are fond of mints, this is the best thing in the market not to be missed.

I am gonna buy it for sure and I think its wisely prized but some may think it is costly. However, one thing that really stands out is the packaging and it really makes an impact strong enough to compel you to buy. And once you pop in the pellet, its refreshing and colling effect will take care that you buy it again and again.

The box is prized at Rs. 50. Each box has 60 powerful pellets, shining bright in white. And best of all they are sugar free.

Enjoy the o mints….!!!!    🙂 🙂 🙂

Happy Blogging!!!

Happy Reading!!!

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