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Flight of the Flamingo

Book Review:  The first title in the #Beyond pink Series, Flight of the Flamingo by Sangeeta Mall.

The Impression:   It is the story of today’s women. A well-narrated plot by a lady author, in good humor and true sensibilities. A life of a woman is not easy as it may seem to some. There are expectations and compromises to live up to. The realities of life pitch in and circumvent at each step of life and there is no escape out.

We may or may not have great parents, great husband at home but professionally its a rude world where each one climbs the corporate ladder toppling a fellow mate, hence selfishness thrives. The numerous dilemmas, knotty problems and vicious situations have to dealt with hope and courage. I am sure there may have been many situations when you would have felt circumscribed by numerous issues with only hope as a savior just like the protagonist.The book makes a great read and I am sure if you are one yourself or have such powerful woman around you, you should pick this one.


Book Design: It is a thoughtful piece on the background of white.

Title:  The ‘Flight of the Flamingo’ has an important meaning to convey that reflects the soul of the story. I was intrigued to find out what is actually so peculiar about the flight of the bird. Flamingos are strong and powerful fliers. Before the take off, a flamingo runs several steps, begins flapping its wings, and then lifts into the air. Similarly in life, before the take off one must go on steady with the preparations keeping the hopes high and just take the flight with power, just like the protagonist Preeta Dhingra does.

Story:  Preeta lives with her mother and a daughter who suffers from cerebral palsy.  She is an independent woman who has given on her relationship with her husband. An editor with Pradhan Publications, she does succeed in carving a niche for herself after the breakup. She has plans to take her daughter to US for treatment but suddenly finds herself engulfed in too many thorny situations. The indifferent relationship with her ailing mother, the super intelligent daughter needing immediate treatment and the secret project that is called ‘Dangerous’ decide to hit her life simultaneously. Preeta keeps the hope going on but how long is it possible when there are people like her boss, the Asshole… Read on to find out more about strong women like Sonia Vaswani, Rimpy Bajaj and Mrs. Dhingra and her daughter.

Likes:  The story is one that you do not find around you, in fact its part of each one of our life. Its absolutely the tale of urban women, the way the life is for them.

The story gives a break from the usual love and romance, mushy tales and brings forward a real story. Its a balanced story where it does not present men in negative shade but talks about women who have the guts to follow their instincts.

An inspiring tale it is! I felt I have known such women who live in my neighborhood just that their story awaits to be put in a book.

Dislikes:  There were moments when I wanted to skip the pages and move ahead just to know what would happen with the secret project of Preeta, publishing of the book called ‘Dangerous’, and therefore I fell some set of pages could have done away with where the story slacks. However, the loose ends were very few.

Writing style:  The freshly baked story has been edited best and the writing style comes gentle to the eyes. A riveting read that is entertaining as well as thought provoking.

Last but not the least : Till the end it keeps you going and conveys the message crystal clear ‘Go Real and Live Real.’

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